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Autonomy processor for Robotics. A Corpus design.

—In-Game Description

Control Modules are rare components that can be found in Neptune, Europa and the Void, dropping from enemies and containers. They are usually found in quantities of 1 to 3, and are most commonly obtained by defeating the Hyena Pack (Psamathe) or the Raptors (Naamah).

Although classified as rare components, their higher-than-normal drop chance in the Void makes it easy to acquire a large amount of Control Modules after a few Void missions.

Blueprints Requiring Control Module

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Control Module.
Blueprints Type Quantity
Orokin Catalyst Enhancement 1
Pangolin Sword Melee 1
Penta Launcher 3
Ash Systems Component 1
Banshee Systems Component 1
Ember Systems Component 1
Excalibur Systems Component 1
Frost Systems Component 1
Frost Prime Systems Component 1
Loki Systems Component 1
Mag Systems Component 1
Mantis Avionics Component 8
Nekros Systems Component 1
Nova Systems Component 1
Nyx Systems Component 1
Oberon Neuroptics Component 1
Rhino Systems Component 1
Saryn Systems Component 1
Trinity Systems Component 1
Valkyr Systems Component 1
Vauban Systems Component 1
Volt Systems Component 1
Carrier Sentinel 3
Dethcube Sentinel 1
Shade Sentinel 1
Wyrm Sentinel 1
Fieldron Research 1
Mutagen Mass Research 1
Detonite Injector Research 1
Incubator Power Core Kubrow egg hatching component 1


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64‍ 10 for 1 Control Module.

—In-Game Description

Beginning in Update 9.0 materials could be purchased directly from the market for Platinum64 Platinum.

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