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Corpus Scouts are hiding in the Void. Use this key to find their ships and hunt them down!

—In-Game Description

Corpus Void Key is a special key only available during the Arid Fear Event. When used it will start a special Orokin Void mission taking place on a Corpus Ship. It serves no purpose beyond that event.


Corpus Void Key is a special key obtained only by purchasing the blueprint in the Market for Credits64 2,000 and using a Corpus Cipher and Corpus Datamass to create one. The blueprint and components are only obtainable during the Arid Fear Event.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Corpus Cipher 1
Corpus Datamass 1
Credits64 Credits 1,500
Build Time 60 Seconds
Rush Build Platinum64‍ 0

Note: Due to the rush cost being 0 Platinum the player does not have to wait the minute to build each Corpus Void Key.

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