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Corrupt Charge increases the Channeling damage of melee weapons while reducing Channeling efficiency.


Rank Channeling Damage Channeling Efficiency Cost Conclave
0 +25% -10% 4 C5
1 +50% -20% 5 C5
2 +75% -30% 6 C8
3 +100% -40% 7 C10


  • Channeling increases most weapon's melee damage by +50%. Corrupt Charge increases Channeling's damage based off this value, thus at max rank it increases Channeled melee damage to +100%.
    • This can be combined with Killing Blow for +220% Channeling damage, or a total damage increase of +160% while Channeling.
  • A -40% decrease in Channeling Efficiency translates to an additional 2 Energy per hit while channeling. Without Channeling Efficiency mods, using Corrupt Charge increases Channeling cost to 7 Energy per hit.



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