The Creeping Bullseye mod increases the critical hit chance by 8% per rank while reducing the Fire Rate by -6% per rank of pistols for a maximum of 48% critical hit chance and -36% fire rate at rank 5.


Rank Critical Chance Fire Rate Cost
0 +8% -6% 4
1 +16% -12% 5
2 +24% -18% 6
3 +32% -24% 7
4 +40% -30% 8
5 +48% -36% 9



  • This fire rate penalty of this mod can be easily counteracted with Lethal Torrent, resulting in a 24% increase in fire rate.
  • The fire rate penalty can also be useful on weapons which already have a high fire rate and decent critical chance if the user does not want to fire in bursts to conserve ammunition, making the addition of Lethal Torrent on said weapon builds more viable.

Patch HistoryEdit

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