Critical Delay

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Polarity Bar
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Orokin Vault

The Critical Delay mod increases the critical hit chance by 8% per rank while reducing the fire rate by -6% per rank of rifles for a maximum of 48% critical hit chance and -36% fire rate at rank 5.


Rank Critical Chance Fire Rate Cost Conclave
0 +8% -6% 4 C5
1 +16% -12% 5 C6
2 +24% -18% 6 C7
3 +32% -24% 7 C8
4 +40% -30% 8 C9
5 +48% -36% 9 C10


  • This is practical for snipers and avid crit-builders who would sacrifice rate of fire for increase Critical chance to greater levels; such as the Lanka, Vulkar, Vectis, Soma and the Grakata.
    • Along with a maxed Point Strike, critical chance is increased by 198%; nearly triple the original critical chance of the weapon. This can mitigate the DPS penalty created by the reduction in fire rate.
  • Users may find that equipping this mod on the Grakata to be very effective, as the reduction in fire rate can reduce recoil while increasing critical chance.
    • Likewise, installing it on the Amprex can significantly increase its damage output (stacked with max Point Strike, the Amprex will always deal critical hits, with an almost 50-50 chance of any hit being a red double-critical) and reduce the weapon's very high ammo consumption.
  • Mods that improve fire rate can be used to offset the penalty if desired. This is particularly prudent for weapons that fire slowly, as with the addition of a high-ranked Critical Delay they may fire too slowly for the player to effectively dispatch foes. A fully ranked Shred in particular can almost completely negate the fire rate penalty while giving the rifle Punch Through.


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