Cunning Drift is a rare triple-stat Exilus mod that increases slide, reduces friction and increases Ability Range.


Rank Slide Friction Ability Range Cost
0 +2% -5% +2.5% 4
1 +4% -10% +5% 5
2 +6% -15% +7.5% 6
3 +8% -20% +10% 7
4 +10% -25% +12.5% 8
5 +12% -30% +15% 9



  • Slide may possibly refer to the slide's speed, while Friction may refer to its deceleration over time.[citation needed]
  • Can be combined with Maglev and Streamlined Form for a total of 57% increase in slide speed and 75% decrease in friction.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 18.0.6
  • Some collision adjustments have been made to the terrain around the Cunning Orokin Moon puzzle.

See AlsoEdit

  • Maglev - Another Exilus mod that increases slide speed and decreases friction.
  • Streamlined Form - A Nightmare mod that increases Holster Speed and slide speed, and decreases Friction.
  • Stretch - A mod that increases Ability Range.
  • Overextended - A Corrupted mod that increases Ability Range at the cost of Ability Strength.

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