The DNA Stabilizer is an item used to stop a cloned Kubrow's or Kavat's DNA from degrading, restoring 40% of a pet's genetic stability per use. DNA Stabilizers can be bought from the Market in the Companions section, and cost Credits6475,000 for a pack of six stabilizers.


  • DNA Stabilizers cannot be made from blueprints, nor can they be found as drops.
  • A pet can accept more than one DNA Stabilizer each day.
  • A pet's Genetic Stability degrades by 10% every 24 hours, which reduces the pet's health by an identical amount. A pets whose Genetic Stability reaches -100% will die.
    • Assuming players only use stabilizers when their pet's health has degraded by 40%, a pack of six stabilizers should last 24 days.
    • If the player has the Incubator Upgrade Segment, the pet's Genetic Stability will degrade by 5% every 24 hours instead. Thus, a pack of six stabilizers can last for 48 days. Also destabilized pets will be automatically put into stasis, before they die.

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