Laser Damage is generally speaking less effective against enemies than standard damage, dealing damage equivalent to Freeze with the exception that Laser does not do bonus damage against shields. As such, it is generally inferior to default damage. The exceptions to this are Corpus Crewmen at any level, the bodies of Infested Ancients, and Infested Chargers after level 50. In the cases of MOAs, Ospreys, and light Infested, default and laser damage are equivalent. As a result, laser is generally superior against Corpus, especially when on their ships as the short distances nullify issues with travel time.

Unlike other elements, there appears to be no secondary effect to Laser elemental damage. There is a reaction to Volt's Electric Shield however. When fired through the shield, laser projectiles become hitscan and have their damage dramatically increased, though exactly how much is unknown as damage numbers fail to display properly (some numbers do appear, but they do not match the rate at which enemies lose health).

Innate Laser Weapons

  • Dera: effectively a "laser Braton", the Dera is quite powerful, though not recommended against Grineer.  The Dera is the only laser weapon at this time.

Laser Mods

  • There are no mods that affect or add laser damage to a weapon yet.
  • The Diamond Skin mod is currently the only exception. Reducing the damage received by the user against Corpus/Duel members using Laser type weapons.

Misc. (Abilities, Hazards, etc.)