This list of damage types only regards their importance in defining incoming damage for the enemy target to determine how to calculate said damage. Damage types are used in conjuntion with specific enemy characteristics to determine the following:

  1. Whether Armor mitigation is applied
  2. What multipliers will be applied (Enemy Damage Type Multipliers or Special Body Parts)
  3. Secondary effects and/or death animations

Weapon and mod damage types merely determine how enemies will deal with incoming damage. Multipliers, whether armor is ignored, and sometimes even whether a secondary effect will be applied (ex: infested do not panic from fire) are all determined by the specific enemy target. Also, keep in mind secondary effects are not always a certainty but have a chance to occur upon attack/death.

Note: there is no such thing as "Armor Ignoring" damage. In reality, each target has a list of damage types that it will not apply armor to. These damage types are noted in the table below.

Type Location Armor Applied? Secondary Effect
Armor Piercing Weapon Base Damage


No None
Blade Most Bladed Melee


Yes Dismemberment
Bullet Ranged Weapons Yes None
Electricity Prova


Yes Stun/Electrocution
Explosion Torid

Thunderbolt Mod

Yes Flying Corpse
Fire Ignis
Yes Panic
Forcefield Kogake Charge Attack

Kestrel Charge Attack
Corpus Laser Doors

Yes Rag-doll
Freeze Mods Yes Shatter
Impact Hek


Yes None
Knockdown Melee Slam Damage Yes Knockdown
Laser Dera Yes None
Physics Impact Blunt Weapons

"Bolt" Weapons

No, Except Grineer

Seeker, Commander, Roller

Corpse Pin
Poison Acrid

Torid AoE
Mire AoE Charge Attack

No Disintegrate
Serrated Blade Dual Ether

Melee Charge Attacks
Ranged Weapons

No Dismemberment
Stun Mods

Melee Jump Attacks

Yes Stun