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Welcome to Warframe Damage Calculator 4.1!!


Out of DateEdit

This calculator is for Damage 1.0 and useless since Damage 2.0 exists.

If someone knows of a calculator based on the new Damage model, please post a link here.

Damage Calculator 2.0

How to UseEdit

  • Input all weapon and mod % information into the orange input fields.
    • Keep in mind bows have charged and uncharged base damages.
    • Weapons that only have charged attacks (IE Ogris, Lanka, etc.) will be found under their "Normal" attack.
  • If you want to view it without hash-lines, Select View -> Protected Ranges.  Only the orange input fields are unprotected.
  • This is currently only available as a downloadable document on google docs.
    1. Click on the link: Damage Calculator
    2. Select File -> Download as -> Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
NOTE: It is currently possible to edit the input fields for this in the google docs interface but it is a shared file.  More than one person trying to do this at one time will cause chaos.  If this gets out of control this access will be removed.  If people basically do anything but plug in numbers on this live document, this access will be removed.


Metascores are a calculation of average outputs for a particular faction.  There are currently three types of metascores:

  1. Average damage - Devised by using damage averages of every enemy and all their body parts and then appropriately weighting normal hits with critical hits using the chance to crit multiplier.  This only averages damage to enemy HP.  Shields were not included in this metascore.  Also does not currently account for multishot mods.
  2. Hits to Kill - Average hits to kill for every body part on all mobs for each faction.  Currently this only utilizes normal hits.  This includes the enemy Shields and HP.  Also does not account for multishot mods.
  3. DPS **NEW** - Calculated using average single-target damage outputs (including all body parts, modded critical percentages and multipliers, and multishot mods) as a function over time, including all modded weapon timings such as fire rates, reload times, and weapon specific charactistics.  Multi-target damage from melee is not accounted for due to high user and game variables.

****WARNING: Melee DPS calcs are wildly inaccurate due to lack of knowledge on how their ROF works. Research is underway.****

A few things need to be kept in mind when comparing metascores:

  •  These are not intended for faction to faction comparisons with one or multiple weapons.  Only within faction comparisons are possible.
  • Can be used to quickly assess the effectiveness of using different weapons with a specific mod loadout (ex: answer the question, "Is weapon A or weapon B better when fighting Grineer?").
  • Can be used to quickly assess the effectiveness of upgrading different mods on your weapon for each faction.  (ex:  decide whether upgrading serration or hellfire will do more for you when fighting infested.)

Current LimitationsEdit

  • Melee weapon timings and DPS calculation are currently inaccurate.  Research on exactly how melee weapon ROF works is underway.
  • "Hits to Kill" calculations are based on normal hits for that particular body part.  The calculation does not figure in possible crits or multishot at this time.  It currently represents the total amount of shots to kill an enemy with damage order in mind.  Acrid DOT is calculated all at once, meaning it simulates someone shooting once and waiting for all of the DOT to pass before shooting again.
  • Multishot mods are not currently included in damage outputs but are included in DPS calculations.

Version NotesEdit

We are currently in Version 4.1

  • Continuous weapon ROF no longer increases with ROF mods
  • Armor Piercing element damage ignores armor
  • No more melee critical chance error
  • Various input validation error messages corrected
  • Input error formats cleaned up for .xlsx download
  • Minor visual improvements
  • Enemy's health, shields, and armor round to nearest
  • Hidden values on main sheet moved to a separate sheet
  • Average DPS now factors enemy's health to shield ratio
  • Hits to Kill column now includes damage order and Acrid DOT

Plans for future:

  • Add new mobs and guns recently introduced (waiting for updated stats database).
  • The next update to this calculator may be delayed due to a potential overhaul of Warframe's damage mechanics in the near future.


  • If you have questions or suggestions, leave a comment!!
  • Acknowledgements:
    • Lead Author - Rmosley753
    • Co-Author/Consult - Mad5cout
    • Weapon, Enemy Stats, and calculation information - Pwnatron (aka: MadSkills)

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