This is an article about the vehicle Dargyn. For the article about the enemy, see Dargyn.

The Dargyn is the basic infantry flying skiff standard to the Grineer Empire. It is designed to fulfill the role of a mobile assault vehicle that one man can operate.

Currently, only the Tusk variant in the Plains of Eidolon can be stolen for personal use. There are multiple ways that a Tenno can obtain a Dargyn:

  • By scouting for parked, unmanned skiffs.
  • By shooting off the pilot off an active Dargyn.
  • By hijacking an active Dargyn off the air with an Archwing.
  • By using Loki's Switch Teleport on an active Dargyn.



Though they lack the aerial maneuverability that Archwing offers, they are one of the fastest aerial vehicle in the game, with the top speed up to 66.6m per second and is in fact faster than most of available Archwings, only barely slower than an afterburning Itzal modded with Hyperion Thrusters (with the top speed of 67.9m per second).

Armed with a Dargyn Turret mounted on the base of the skiff, Dargyns can provide a supportive heavy fire for allies nearby, each bullet sporting a base damage of 450 with a clip size of 75 bullets with a velocity of 300m per second.

Although Dargyns are crudely constructed, the skiff's armor can withstand anti-air missiles employed by the Grineer, which would knock down most Archwings available in the game. Additionally, the durability of the vehicle (health and armor) scales with the Dargyn's level.


Because idle or "parked" Dargyns are treated like enemies, they have certain interactions with abilities, weapons or mods that results in peculiar effects:

  • Rhino's Roar will increase the damage of a friendly skiff controlled by an allied player.
  • Nekros's Shadows of the Dead can summon a friendly Dargyn skiff which the players can control, with bonus health and damage at the cost of decaying health. Can be fully healed by exiting and casting the ability again.
  • Nova's Molecular Prime modded with low power strength will increase the speed of the Dargyn as well as it's fire rate.
  • Oberon's Renewal and Hallowed Ground can give the vehicle bonus armor as well as health regeneration, although it is tricky to pull off. Cast Hallowed Ground and immediately follow with Renewal while standing near the Dargyn with the mounting prompt ready. Get onto the skiff before Hallowed Ground destroys it and the bonus from both abilities will apply.
  • Rage mod does not apply to Dargyn, and does not give its user energy through damage.
  • As an idle Dargyn skiff is treated as an enemy, it will despawn when the player has moved away from it.