Davis is a character mentioned in the Rhino Prime Codex entry.

Lore Edit

Davis was a researcher presumably active during the Orokin Era, working in a facility developing some kind of metallic creatures. At some point during his work he developed a theory regarding the creatures he and others were working on and the victims of the Zariman. Believing that no one else would ever have believed him, he seemingly released the creature and allowed it to chase him and an unnamed colleague (who narrates the Codex entry) to a cell.

His experiment seemingly successful, he tells his unnamed colleague that "This is where they keep them. The ones from the Zariman ", and that because of this success both of them would receive "big, fat promotions."

What happened to Davis after this is unknown.

Speculation Edit

  • There are two prevailing theories as to what Davis and the unnamed narrator of the Rhino Prime Codex were experimenting with - the creature featured in the Codex.
    • A Tenno without a Warframe.
    • An Infested creature of some kind that would later be refashioned into the Warframes.