Decoy Decoy GreyHekYellowHek
Vay Hek deploys a holographic copy of himself, drawing enemy fire.
2 Decoys
Used by:
Councilor Vay Hek

  • Councilor Vay Hek will deploy two holographic copies of himself, identical in appearance and health. Third party enemies will focus on the Decoy if it is deployed closer to them than Vay Hek is.
    • Councilor Vay Hek will only summon two Decoys throughout the battle, regardless of health and decoy's existence.

  • Councilor Vay Hek will only cast this ability twice -- He will not recast this again regardless of the decoys being killed.
  • His decoys do no direct damage with their gunfire. This can be used as a quick method of determining which ones are false.

  • It would seem that Vay Hek's Decoy has an equal amount of aggro as Councilor Vay Hek himself.
  • While the decoys deal no direct damage, their gunshots occasionally proc slash/impact/puncture status ailments.

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