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Carrier Dethcube Djinn Helios Shade Wyrm Wyrm Prime
Base Statistics
Health 200
Shield Capacity 100
Armor 50
Power 100
Stamina 80
Conclave Rating Unknown
Polarities 4xPenjaga Pol
Default Weapon Deth Machine Rifle
Base Targeting Range 15m
Dethcube Mods Swift Deth
With 'Swift Deth' and 'Vaporize' as default precepts, DETHCUBE acts exactly as advertised, as a badass cube of 'deth'. Comes loaded with Deth Machine Rifle weapon.

The Dethcube is an offensive Sentinel pre-equipped with Deth Machine Rifle as its default weapon, able to sustain a high damage per second on enemies at long ranges.

Dethcube can inflict a constant barrage of bullets at an enemy, and when coupled with stun or elemental mods, has the capacity to stunlock enemies, reducing the risk to the owner. Dethcube's secondary attack, Vaporize, is a specialized attack that deals massive damage to an unlucky foe that strays too close, stunning them for several seconds if the beam does not outright kill them, including most bosses.

Dethcube - Exclusive Precept mods
Name Description
Swift Deth Sentinel will attack first visible enemy in range. Increasing level increases range.
Vaporize Sentinel will deal high damage to target that gets too close.
List of Sentinel Mods

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hr
Rush: Platinum64 30
Market Price: Platinum64 75 Blueprint Price: Credits64 100,000


  • Despite its usefulness, the Dethcube will initially not have enough firepower to take on simple enemies which requires the player to weaken enemies while it fires. However, in later ranks, once the Dethcube has the Vaporize mod installed then it becomes useful in both close to mid range combat.
  • Adding zoom using Hawk Eye will increase the lock-on range for the Dethcube, while Speed Trigger will lower the spool-up time, allowing it to fire faster, and Regen will increase overall survivability in combat.

Sentinel Loadouts

Main article: Category:Dethcube Sentinel Build

See the user build section for builds using this sentinel.



  • Observant viewers in the beginning of Livestream 17 video can see the cameo appearance of the Dethcube used as a hologram display monitor for Alad V on his Zanuka Project when he mentions the bidding cost for the live Mag Warframe.
    • It was used as the placeholder for the video being replaced by the Locust Drone.
  • The Carabus skin for the Dethcube gives it the appearance of the Sentinel used by The Grustrag Three.
  • Dethcube, along with Shade were available as promotional items within the virtual world of PlayStation Home, following the users Avatar as they move.


  • Loading screen artwork showing 3 Sentinels including Dethcube.
  • Frost and Rhino with Dethcube Sentinel
  • Dethcube - Over Shoulder
  • Dethcube as seen within the PlayStation Home

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