This page lists the known development team behind Warframe, as of now there's over 170 people working on it.


James Schmalz - Founder
Michael Schmalz - President
Sheldon Carter - Studio General Manager
Dave Kudirka - Lead Producer
Pat Kudirka - Associate Producer
Ryan Marr - Quality Assurance Lead
Dmitri Linkiewicz - Technical Game Analyst
Xander McKenzie - Applications Analyst
Meredith Braun - Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Julie Bell - Public Relations Coordinator
Warren Stanley - Multimedia Manager
Dean Bergmann - Multimedia Developer
Kate Roberts - Human Resources Manager


Steve Sinclair - Creative Director
Scott McGregor - Design Director
Ben Edney - Lead Level Designer
Mitch Gladney - Level Designer
Joey Adey - Level Designer
Kol "Skree" Crosbie - Level Designer; Voice of Alad V, General Sargas Ruk, Captain Vor, and Shik Tal
Dorian Stewart - UI Designer


Geoff Crookes - Art Director
Ron Davey - Art Director
Mat Tremblay - Art Director
Lucas Hug - Assistant Art Director
Mario Vazquez - Lead Artist
Casey Baldwin - Principle Layout Artist
Jesse Carpenter - Layout Artist
Will Makra - Lead Layout Artist
Jeff Ross - Senior Environment Artist
Dean Field - Environmental Artist
Ryan Andrews - 3D Environment Artist; 3D Skybox Artist
Lucas Hug - 3D Artist; Concept Artist
Mike Leatham - 3D Artist
Tim Bergholz - 3D Artist
Adrian Migliazza - Environment Artist
Cliff Daigle - Lighting Artist
Jeremy Mathes - FX Artist
Michael Skyers - 3D Character Artist
Raymond De La Cruz - Character Artist
Eric Vedder - Lead Concept Artist
Mike Sebalj - Senior Concept Artist
Dejan Ostojic - Concept Artist
Nikita Leshakov - Concept Artist
Roger Adams - Concept Artist
Sean Bigham - Concept Artist
Zeljko Duvnjak - Concept Artist
Janice Chu - Junior Concept Artist; UI Artist
Enrico Santi - Weapon Artist
Kaz Adams - Weapon Artist
Mike Leatham - Weapon Artist; Voice of Ordis.


Geoff Crookes - Animation Director
Chris Kniffen - Technical Animation Supervisor
Bob Piscopo - Technical Animator
Jay Baker - Animator
Jinhyuk Eu - Animator
Lucy Guo - Animator
Chiwook Han - Animator
Ian Hulbert - Animator
Scott Johnston - Animator
Darryl Kee - Animator
Tim Sormin - Animator
Seung Yeo - Animator


George Spanos - Lead Sound Designer
Erich Preston - Senior Sound Designer
Jeff Hartling - Sound Designer
Travis Didluck - Sound Designer
Willem Schonken - Sound Designer
Keenan Kosolowski - Junior Sound Designer
Keith Power - Music
James Atkins - Voice Actor; Voice of Councilor Vay Hek.
Ross Huguet - Voice Actor; Voice of Cephalon Simaris.
Carin Gilfry - Voice Actress; Voice of Cephalon Vull.
Lucas Schuneman - Voice Actor; Voice of Nef Anyo and Tyl Regor.
Cassandra Wladyslava - Voice Actress; Voice of Kela De Thaym.
Stefan Martello - Voice Actor; Voice of Rell and Master Teasonai.
Max Howarth - Voice Actor; Voice of Ballas


Glen Miner - Lead Programmer
Jacques Waller - Programmer
Daniel Brewer - Lead AI Programmer
Pablo Alonso - UI Programmer
Ryan Baker - Game Programmer; Voice of Darvo.
Elliott Evans - PS4 Programmer


Rebecca Ford - Live Operations & Community Producer; Voice of The Lotus.
Megan Everett - Community Coordinator; Voice of Valkyr's abilities.
Danielle Sokolowski - Community Coordinator, mo-cap for Octavia's animations.
Taylor King - Community Coordinator

Former Employees

Brian Noon - Layout Director
Dan Hunter - Senior Effects Artist
Katie Staeger - Public Relations Coordinator
Jason Deaville - Design/Production Assistant
Adam Ma - Community Editorial Coordinator
Mike "Mynki" Brennan - Art Director