InappropriateAncient Nyx Chaos Disrupt
Ancient Disruptors infects the target with it's technocyte tumor, causing hysteria in the Tenno's Warframe system.
Strength:-100% (Energies)
-75% (Shields)
Duration:4 Seconds

  • Disruptor causes disturbance in the Warframe system, discharging 100% of its energy and 75% of its shield, the HUD will also suffer from noise and distortion, the disturbance lasts for 4 seconds.
    • It seems that this disturbance effect is actually the proc of Magnetic b Magnetic Damage, as seen when the red magnet icon flashes on your HUD when you are hit with it.
  • If targets are hit with this ability when they are still disrupted, it will reset the disrupting proc timer and deals low damage to target.
  • If targets do not receive any damage during the disturbance, upon the end of the disruption, their shields will be restored to maximum capacity.
    • Likewise, if targets do receive damage during the period, their shield will not recovered instantly and will need to be recharged as it is.
  • This ability can also be simulated with Nyx's Chaos and Loki's Radial Disarm in Conclave.

Tips & Tricks
  • Not receiving damage while being disrupted will restore your shield to full upon the end of disruptance.
  • Low damage to health, making Ancient Disruptor the least concern about physical attack.
  • Disrupt will not drain defense target's shield (like Cryopod/Artifact).

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