Dread is the calling card of the Stalker. It fires arrows that can decapitate.

The Dread is a deadly hunting bow firing bladed arrows, serving as the Stalker's signature weapon.

This weapon can be sold for Credits647,500.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 45
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A

The Dread cannot be purchased separately, but it is included in the What Stalker? bundle. Its blueprint can be dropped by the Stalker(Shadow) upon death or when he is forced to flee.


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.



  • Reliant on its high critical damage potential, which makes it ill-suited against object-based health.
  • Low Impact b Impact and Puncture b Puncture damage – less effective against Shields or Armor.
  • Slow fire rate renders Dread ill-suited for close quarters.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • Use the Arrow Mutation mod to compensate for the low ammo capacity and regain lost ammo.
  • Using a build of Shred, Speed Trigger, and/or Vile Acceleration will allow you to charge your bow almost instantly.
  • Thunderbolt and Multishot makes this weapon more devastating while also adding an AoE affect.
  • Dread can stagger Ancients on every hit, even with uncharged shots, helpful on long Infested/Void missions, where high level Ancients become hard to deal with.


  • In addition to pinning enemies to surfaces, arrows from Dread will dismember foes.
    • Desecrate will use both enemy dismembered parts as targets (as if there were 2 bodies), potentially yielding 2 drops.
  • It seems that an arrow that dismembers a foe has a chance to continue, until it hits another surface. (Confirmed, but no solid percentiles (if any) have been noted yet.)
  • All "charge weapons" (guns) are capable of holding their charge during a sprint. As long as the user starts the charge, they are able to finish the charge while they are still sprinting. This allows more mobility for the user.  An example of this is charging the weapon from behind cover, then running into a room firing the bow as soon as an enemy is sighted.
    • Using elevators and opening co-op doors does not cancel the charge, however hacking consoles and opening lockers will. 
    • Sliding when you are about to hit the ground (from any height) is very useful for keeping your charge instead of losing it by rolling
    • While wall running will not cancel the charge, edge grabbing will.
  • A maxed out Point Strike increases the Dread's critical chance to 125%, guaranteeing normal criticals and as of Update 13.5, a 25% chance to proc Orange criticals, approximately doubling the critical damage.
  • In Conclave, Dread will apply a 2-second Slash b Slash proc to the target, each damage tick dealing 3 damage.


  • The Dread is unique in that its 'string' glows. Light runs along the string towards the draw point.
    • This light glows reddish when it is drawn.
  • Unlike the other bows, the Dread, utilising primarily Slash b Slash damage, uses arrows with a curved blade for a tip, as opposed to the pointed head of Puncture b Puncture-based Paris (Prime), or the blunted mace-like head of the Impact b Impact-based Cernos (Prime).
    • When drawing the bow, the arrow's blade rotates from a horizontal to a vertical position, meaning that fully charged shots are fired with their blades vertically. This clashes with the Codex description, which describes decapitating arrows, and a horizontal blade is better suited to decapitation.
  • The Dread has a cylindrical object installed near the grip. While its purpose is unknown; it is possibly a laser sight, rangefinder, or other form of optical assist.
  • Despite the Dread being referred to as the Stalker's calling card, it is strangely available for purchase with Darvo having stock. It is never explained where he obtained this stock of the Stalker's weapons, or where the Dread, Despair and Hate are produced.
  • When the Dread is being made in the Foundry, it has a chance to show the Mire as the floating silhouette that appears upon approaching the Foundry in the Orbiter.


  • Banshee w/ white Dread
  • Colour Customization of Dread
  • Default Colour
  • 700k red CRIT with dread. Not invisible. No forma.
  • Dread in the Codex

Dread Skins

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