This robust, carnivorous plant has adapted to conditions in polluted waters.

Dusklight Sarracenias are plants found only in Grineer Shipyards. They grow around or in the pools of toxic waste unique to that tileset.

Each plant yields a Dusklight Sarracenia extract when scanned.

View Blueprints requiring Dusklight Sarracenia
Item Category Quantity
Nightfall Apothic Equipment 2


  • When gathering extracts, the Cross-Matrix Widget can help expedite the process, as it grants each scan a chance to count as two scans, thus yielding an additional extract.


  • Sarracenia is a genus of Pitcher plants commonly known as Trumpet Pitchers, and are endemic to the North American continent. It is unknown if the Dusklight Sarracenia has any biological relation to the Lunar Pitcher.


  • Dusklight Sarracenia in the Codex.
  • The location on the tile where Dusklight Sarracenia spawns.
  • A Dusklight Sarracenia near extraction.
  • Another Dusklight Sarracenia.
  • 3 Dusklight Sarracenias found along the toxic waste stream to the right of Oberon and with the last being at the source of the flow.
  • Dusklight can be found often near extraction on the Vor and Lech Kril assassination mission on Ceres

Patch HistoryEdit

Update: The Silver Grove
  • Introduced to the game.

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