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A desolate, ruined world. Home of the oppressive Grineer Empire.

—In-game description

Earth is a planet under Grineer control, and is the first planet players can access. It is linked through junctions to Mars and Venus. Lua, the Earth's moon, becomes accessible from Earth (without a junction) after players complete the quest The Second Dream.

The Assassination Target for Earth is Councilor Vay Hek, located in the mission Oro. Vay Hek drops the blueprints for the parts of the Hydroid Warframe. A Mastery Rank of 5 or higher is required to access the boss mission.

Earth is the only planet to feature the Grineer Forest Tileset. Every four hours, the forest tileset will change from day to night, mimicking the day cycles in real life. The change will feature different vegetation that can be scanned for extracts that are used to craft Antitoxins, with Sunlight variants during the day and Moonlight variants at night.

Strata Relay Status
PC PS4 Xbox One
Destroyed Protected Destroyed


Invasion Missions: The Infested will always appear as an "Opposing" faction during Invasion missions.

Grineer Infested Wild



  • Earth is the easiest place to farm Neurodes, with a large amount of low leveled enemies, excellent for longer farming runs.


  • Before Vor's Prize, Earth had higher level enemies similar to that of Mars.
  • Earth never has Invasions or Infestation Outbreaks, perhaps due to the low level.
  • Most of the names of Earth's missions are from a variety of Earth-related topics, such as:
  • Despite being described as a "desolate, ruined world" Earth has very lush forests, which Vay Hek tried to destroy during The Cicero Crisis.
  • The Strata Relay was the first player hub destroyed by one of Vay Hek's Balor Fomorians in the Eyes of Blight event.
  • Earth is the earliest planet on which Wildlife can be encountered, as it is the home of Feral Kubrows.
    • This also means that Earth is the earliest place for Kubrow mods to be obtained.
  • Earth seems to have the largest variety of enemy levels in the game, with most missions being at levels 1-8, Vay Hek's Assassination at 20-25, and The Law of Retribution being at levels 70-80.
  • Earth is the first and only planet to have a day-night cycle, which changes every 4 hours in real time which occur at 12, 4, 8 am and pm eastern American time.
  • Earth has no Survival missions, due to them being replaced with Excavation missions.


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