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System Sol
Ruling Empire Grineer
Boss Councilor Vay Hek
Level Range 1 - 30
Missions 15
Resources Ferrite64 Ferrite
Rubedo64 Rubedo
Neurode64 Neurodes
DetoniteAmpule64 Detonite Ampule
Connections Venus
A desolate, ruined world. Home of the oppressive Grineer Empire.

–In-game description

Earth is the first planet accessible to player and where the Grineer are the controlling faction.

The boss that used to reside on this planet was Councilor Vay Hek who used to drop components for the Oberon Warframe, and before that, the Trinity Warframe. After being revamped, Vay Hek is still fought on Earth but does not reside in a mission node. The only way to have access to Vay Hek now is to use Beacons to make a key. He now drops components for the Hydroid Warframe, as well as rewards the Saviour of Earth achievement. (See Councilor Vay Hek for more details.)

The Strata Relay was located here, but it was the first player hub destroyed by Vay Hek's Balor Fomorian in the Eyes of Blight event.


Infested can appear during Invasion missions. These lists do not apply to Survival missions.





Target Name Type Level Tile Set
GrineerMissionIcon Cambria Excavation 1 - 6 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon E Prime Exterminate 3 - 5 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Eurasia Exterminate 3 - 5 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Everest Exterminate 1 - 3 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Gaia Interception 3 - 5 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Lith Defense 1 - 6 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Lua Defense 3 - 8 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Mantle Capture 1 - 3 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Mariana Sabotage 1 - 3 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Oro Sabotage 3 - 5 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Pacific Capture 1 - 3 Grineer Forest
InfestationMissionIcon Coba Dark Sector Defense 5 - 15 Grineer Forest
GrineerMissionIcon Tikal Dark Sector Excavation 5 - 15 Grineer Forest
VayHekPortrait Unknown Assassination
(Councilor Vay Hek)
 ? - ? Grineer Forest


  • Most of the names of Earth's missions are from a variety of Earth-related topics, such as:
  • As of Update 14, Earth is the first planet accessible to players, beginning with the Vor's Prize quest.
  • Prior to 14.0.6, Earth rotated in the wrong direction on the mission screen.
  • Earth was the first planet to have Interception missions.
  • Despite being described as a "desolate, ruined world" Earth has very lush forests, which Vay Hek tried to destroy during The Cicero Crisis.

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