The Elite Crewmen are a more powerful version of the regular Corpus Crewmen in gray-blue uniform. They wield the Flux Rifle, which fires a sustained laser beam capable of dealing extremely high DPS at medium range, and has the tendency to inflict Slash procs against their foes frequently. With this weapon, they inflict +2.5% damage to Warframes' shields, -30% direct damage against Warframes' armored health, further reduced by the Warframe armor value counting x1.375 times. Through their frequent Slash procs applying finishing damage based on the high base DPS, their threat to health even through intact shields is effectively much higher. This makes them dangerous especially to Tenno who lack reliable means of replenishing health, as keeping shields intact is insufficient to protect from health damage against this enemy type.

According to their Codex entry, The Elite Crewmen currently appear in Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Europa.


  • Elite Crewmen behave similarly to regular Crewmen.
  • Their Flux Rifle has a significant increase in accuracy compared to Dera rifles used by standard Crewmen.
    • These can constantly aim at their targets effectively while dealing devastating damage even against the most durable of Warframes.
    • These rifles are exceptionally powerful against the Grineer in comparison with the Dera.
    • With these, Elite Crewmen synergize very well along with the Shockwave MOAs as they can chase off their targets constantly even when targets fly off from their places, dealing significant damage without chances of fighting back.
    • If amassed, Trinity's Link and Blessing combination is a very good counter to the Flux Rifle damage output against possibly the highest level of Corpus.
  • As of Update 11.0, Elite Crewmen bear greater health and shields, allowing them to take more punishment than regular Crewmen.
  • Unlike their standard counterparts, their helmets cannot be shot off, but they still take the damage multiplier if hit on the head.
  • As of Update 17.0, Elite Crewmen replace regular Crewmen from about level 20, but not Detron Crewmen, if they appear.


  • The Elite Crewman was first introduced in Operation Arid Fear: Escalation, the second phase of the event.
  • Their uniform color resembles those of the Corrupted Crewmen in the Orokin Void, as well as the unused uniforms hanging from racks in Corpus maps.
  • Flux Rifle-armed Crewmen can be seen in the diorama for the Sling-Stone Event, roughly half a month before Elite Crewmen were added.
  • Elite Crewmen can rarely be found wandering in Orokin Derelicts. A possible reason for this: the Derelict vessels are one of the few places which have Orokin technology. This makes them a valuable target, but also a dangerous place to salvage technology from.
  • Previously, the Elite Crewman was able to sever and dismember the Tenno as like Slash b is able to when this was still possible for enemies to do so.


  • Rarely, and if left unnoticed, Elite Crewmen have a tendency to constantly shoot their Flux Rifles on idle when immediately terminating their targets.
  • Despite using an accurate weapon, Elite Crewman tend the drag their laser behind moderately fast Tenno, completely negating their constant damage and trivializing encounters with Elite Crewman.
  • Elite Crewman currently are unable to be cut to pieces by slash weapons. Other enemies that share this bug include the Corpus Warden and Grineer Commander.


  • Elite Crewman Codex
  • Elite Crewman Weakness

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