Certain Enemy Body Parts will apply damage multipliers to incoming damage that is inflicted on them. These special enemy body parts are specific to each enemy type, and the multipliers are applied to all damage inflicted, independent of their damage type.

Special Body Part MultipliersEdit

Below is a list containing all enemy types and all their known special body part multipliers.

Corpus Body PartsEdit

Humanoid IconCorpusBCorpus enemies have a x2 headshot multiplier. Don't confuse a MOA's head with its gun, the head is small and on its front, not on top. MOAs have a x3 multiplier to their "fanny pack" (the grey box on their rear) as well as a x0.5 multiplier (only taking half damage) to the gun on top of them. A MOA's head does not have any body part multiplier, though headshots for the "Headhunter" Challenge Reward are still counted via their head, not their "fanny pack".

Corpus Body Parts Body Part Multiplier Body Part Multiplier
Crewman Head (2x)
Sniper Crewman Head (2x)
Prod Crewman Head (2x)
Corpus Tech Head (2x)
MOA Fanny Pack (3x) Gun (0.5x)
Shockwave MOA Fanny Pack (3x) Gun (0.5x)
Railgun MOA Fanny Pack (3x) Gun (0.5x)
Anti MOA
Fusion MOA
Shield Osprey
Mine Osprey
Leech Osprey
Drover Bursa Back Console (3x)
Isolator Bursa Back Console (3x)
Denial Bursa Back Console (3x)

Grineer Body PartsEdit

All humanoid IconGrineerBGrineer have a x2 headshot multiplier. Whether the Roller actually has a "head" is still unknown.

Grineer Body Parts Body Part Multiplier
Butcher Head (2x)
Powerfist Head (2x)
Flameblade Head (2x)
Scorpion Head (2x)
Ballista Head (2x)
(Elite) Lancer Head (2x)
Shield Lancer Head (2x)
Trooper Head (2x)
Scorch Head (2x)
Seeker Head (2x)
Eviscerator Head (2x)
Heavy Gunner Head (2x)
Napalm Head (2x)
Bombard Head (2x)
Commander Head (2x)

Infested Body PartsEdit

Almost all Infestation bInfested have a x2 headshot multiplier. Vulnerable points on the joints of limbs of Ancients have a x3 multiplier.

Both the former Grineer helmet and the actual head of the Charger count as heads and hitting either will activate the multiplier.

Infested Body Parts Body Part Multiplier Body Part Multiplier Body Part Multiplier
Charger Head (2x)
Runner Head (2x)
Leaper Head (2x)
Crawler Head (2x)
Nauseous Crawler Head (2x)
Toxic Crawler Head (2x)
Ancient Healer Head (2x) Limb (3x)Back (0.5x)
Ancient Disruptor Head (2x) Limb (3x) Back (0.5x)
Toxic Ancient Head (2x) Limb (3x) Back (0.5x)
Tar-Mutalist MOA Fanny Pack (3x) Gun (0.5x)
Swarm-Mutalist MOA Fanny Pack (3x) Gun (0.5x)
Brood Mother Head (2x) Exposed Chest/Heart (2x)
Boiler Head (2x)

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