Energy Conversion is a Warframe mod that increases Ability Strength for the next ability cast after picking up an energy orb.


Rank Ability Strength Cost
0 +9% 10
1 +18% 11
2 +26% 12
3 +34% 13
4 +42% 14
5 +50% 15



  • Additional Ability Strength is additive.
  • Affects Warframe Augment Mods.[citation needed]
  • Affects Channeled abilities, such as Exalted Blade and World On Fire, for the whole duration.
  • Affects abilities that have a duration for the whole duration. For example, the shadows summoned by Shadows of the Dead keep the increased Ability Strength, even when the shadows are healed/teleported.
  • Conversion will trigger when aided by an ally using the Energy Spike passive from the Zenurik Focus school. This can allow a player to receive more than one Conversion proc from the same energy orb, as long as they are within its radius.
  • There is a very small delay between picking up an energy orb and energy conversion triggering, often related to host / client ping.
  • Using abilities while standing on an energy orb often will not trigger energy conversion.
  • Health Orbs picked up while using Equilibrium do not provide Ability Strength.
  • Despite appearing on the player's HUD as a buff (with the same visual and auditory cue as an Arcane Enhancement triggering), it will not be nullified by Nullifier Crewmen nor by passing through Void Portals in Orokin Sabotage.

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