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Energy Siphon is an Aura that regenerates all team members' energy.


Rank Regen Cost
0 +0.1 -2*
1 +0.2 -3*
2 +0.3 -4*
3 +0.4 -5*
4 +0.5 -6*
5 +0.6 -7*

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Power


  • Can be stacked with other teammates' for a total of 2.4 energy regeneration per second in normal missions, and 4.8 energy regeneration per second in Trials.
    • It can also stack with Zenurik's Energy Overflow, reaching a total of 6.4 energy regeneration per second while in a classic party, and 8.8 energy regeneration per second while in trials
    • Adding Coaction Drift on a 4 player cell will give 2.85 energy regeneration per second, stack with Zenurik's Energy Overflow 6.85, An entire raid cell will give 5.61 stack with Zenurik's Energy Overflow 9.61 energy regeneration per second.
  • If the player uses a channeled ability such as Absorb or Undertow, they will not regenerate energy until they deactivate that ability.
  • The Sortie "Energy Reduction" condition also reduces the rate of energy regeneration.
  • Being idle for 2 minutes will cause the regeneration to stop.


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