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Enhanced Vitality increases the health of a Sentinel.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +20% 2 C5
1 +40% 3 C5
2 +60% 4 C7
3 +80% 5 C8
4 +100% 6 C10
5 +120% 7 C12
6 +140% 8 C13
7 +160% 9 C15
8 +180% 10 C17
9 +200% 11 C18
10 +220% 12 C20

Some of the Conclave ratings require information.


  • This mod synergizes well with the Regen mod, as the mod will recognize the increased health capacity as the current maximum capacity.
  • This mod benefits each sentinel differently due to their varying health levels. Wyrm Prime gets the least benefit, with 220 bonus health; while Carrier Prime gets the greatest benefit with 880 bonus health.



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