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Equilibrium gives additional Energy when picking up Health Orbs, and additional Health when picking up Energy Orbs.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +2.5 4 C5
1 +5 5 C5
2 +7.5 6 C6
3 +10 7 C6
4 +12.5 8 C7
5 +15 9 C7
6 +17.5 10 C8
7 +20 11 C8
8 +22.5 12 C9
9 +25 13 C9
10 +27.5 14 C10


  • You can only pick up Energy orbs if you are not at max Energy, and you can only pick up health orbs if you are not at max Health. Thus, you cannot gain either bonus unless you are at least 1 point less than your max capacity of the orb type you are trying to pick up.
  • The additional Health or Energy you gain from this mod is rounded down (Example: picking up a Health orb grants 25 health and 27 energy with a rank 10 Equilibrium).
  • This mod was awarded to players who survived at least 10 minutes in the Survival Weekend Event, which began on Friday August 30 @ 12pm EDT and ended Tuesday September 3 @ 12pm EDT.
  • The Health bonus effects from Energy Orbs do not contribute in healing Companions.
  • The mod was added into mod packs and transmutation tables in hotfix 13.9.3.
  • The mod's effects stack with Equinox's passive ability, which converts 10% of health orbs into energy and vice versa.


  • Since the mod is Uncommon, upgrading it past rank 6 will be costly for new or casual players. Upgrading the mod from rank 9 to 10 alone will require around 300 uncommon fusion cores and 400,000 credits.


  • Upon release, maxed rank Equilibrium gave 22 bonus Health/Energy from the respective orbs regardless of the amount of health/energy picked up. This was changed in Hotfix 9.7.3.
  • The orbs in the mod picture show the old Energy/Health orb designs, which were simpler and not as animated as they are now.



  • Equilibrium rank 6 to rank 10 upgradeGo to Equilibrium 6 to 10

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