General Edit

Equinox is a versatile frame with a wide variety of uses, filling multiple roles. Her Night form can be directed for stealth playstyle via Rest or defensive playstyle by tanking and supporting her teammates with damage reduction, health and (over)shields. Her Day form can be directed for buffer playstyle by buffing herself and allies as well as debuffing enemies or offensive playstyle of a damage dealer. Her large energy pool allows her to maintain her powers in protracted engagements.


Rest & RageEdit

  • Rest can be used for crowd control by using it on a large group of enemies, doing this will let you use stealth attacks on them while they are affected.
  • Rage can be used make Maim more effective by having the aura of  Slash b Slash damage do more and acquire more charge for a more powerful release.

Mend & MaimEdit

  • Mend can easily acquire sufficient amount of charge to heal any allies and recover shields.
  • Mend & Malm will only absorb allies' damage input/ dmg on enemy health if a warframe ability is involved.
  • When releasing Mend all the charge is evenly distributed to all allies in range, so be sure to have enough charge and for your desired target to be within the aura range.
  • Maim when de-activated releases all of the charge as Slash b Slash damage, keep in mind the faction you are facing, as heavily armored enemies, such as the strongest of the Grineer troops, are resistant to slash damage. Maim is very effective during infested missions as a crowd control, the constant slash damage which most of the infested are vulnerable to makes this ability useful for missions like infested survival.