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A perfect balance of mobility and offense, Excalibur is the ideal Warframe for new players.

This is Excalibur, a master of gun and blade.

No matter your style, Tenno, the Excalibur Warframe is a formidable choice.

Excalibur is a sword-themed Warframe. With the power to channel energy into his summoned blade, he is a mobile swordsman with potent methods of execution. Excalibur is one of three starter options for new players.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 72 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 50
Market Price: Platinum64 75 Blueprint Price: Credits64 35,000
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25

Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25


Excalibur's component blueprints drop from Lieutenant Lech Kril on War, Mars. Excalibur can also be bought complete from Teshin for ReputationBlackx6460,000 once players have achieved Typhoon rank in the Conclave.

The drop chances for each component are 38.72%, 38.72%, 22.56% for Neuroptics, Chassis, Systems respectively as it is for most boss-rewarded Warframe components, with an expected 6-7 runs to obtain each component at least once and 39±10 runs to be nearly guaranteed each component at least once.

Warframe Guides

See Category:Excalibur Guides to read user-made guides on how to play this Warframe.


  • It costs less platinum to purchase the Warframe outright than to rush construction of the components and frame.
  • He is the first of two Warframes with an unpolarized aura slot, Nekros being the second.
  • Excalibur is similar in design to Hayden Tenno's suit from Digital Extremes' previous game Dark Sector. This is further reinforced with the Proto-Armor Skin, which is a near-exact copy of that very suit.
  • Excalibur is named after the legendary sword of Arthur; King of the Britons. Many of his alternate helmets feature names based off Arthurian legend.
  • An Excalibur is shown being ripped apart by Alad V while wearing the Pendragon Helmet and the Immortal Skin in "The Profit", a trailer for the PS4 release of WARFRAME.
  • Prior to Update 14, Excalibur would use his equipped melee weapon when casting his abilities, regardless if it was impractical (Casting Radial Javelin with a Galatine), nonsensical (Slash Dashing with the Kogake) or impossible (Using any of his abilities without a melee weapon equipped). Update 14 changed this by making him generate an ethereal Skana when using his abilities, rather than using his melee weapon.
    • If there was no melee weapon equipped, then Excalibur would use the active weapon. (i.e. Radial Javelin with a Braton). Humorously, ethereal copies of that weapon would appear upon using Radial Javelin.
  • Before Hotfix 22.8.3, Excalibur parts blueprints dropped from Ambulas on Hades, Pluto. This is now the drop location of Trinity.
  • According to the Official Tenno Alphabet Cipher, the design on Excalibur's right shoulder is in fact a word that spells out "Hayden Tenno". The same word can be found on top of Excalibur's head.
  • Excalibur's default helmet was added to the real-time strategy game Airmech as a victory gesture after Warframe beating Airmech in a vote of popularity between the two.
    • This was originally intended to be Excalibur Prime's default helmet however the reason for this change is unknown.
  • Excalibur's default helmet (along with the default helmets of Loki and Chroma) are available as unlockable antenna toppers in Rocket League.
  • Excalibur is the only frame that has 10 alternate helmets (with one being exclusive).

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The Sentients had won. They had turned our weapons, our technology, against us. The more advanced we became, the greater our losses. The war was over unless we found a new way. In our desperation we turned to the Void. The blinding night, the hellspace where our science and reason failed.

We took the twisted few that had returned from that place. We built a frame around them, a conduit of their affliction. Gave them the weapons of the old ways. Gun and blade. A new warrior, a new code was born. These rejects, these Tenno, became our saviors. Warrior-Gods cast in steel and fury striking our enemies in a way they could never comprehend. Excalibur was the first.

- Orokin 'Warframe' Archives

Excalibur Prime is the epitome of mobility and offense, and features the same abilities as Excalibur, but has unique mod polarities installed allowing for greater customization.

—In-game Description

Excalibur Prime is the Primed variant of Excalibur, possessing higher armor, as well as an additional Madurai Pol polarity and a Madurai Pol Aura polarity.

Excalibur Prime is a Founders-exclusive Warframe.


This Warframe is no longer available, and will not be available again due to it being exclusive to certain Founder packs. The Excalibur Prime was only obtainable by upgrading a Warframe account to Founders status of Hunter or greater, which is no longer available. The Warframe came with its own warframe slot and was already augmented with an Orokin Reactor.

The Founders' program closed on the 1st of November, 2013, as announced on the warframe forums. This closure is inclusive of pack upgrades.


  • As a Prime Warframe, Excalibur Prime possesses a special passive ability where contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb will make them release an energy pulse that grants 250 Energy to all nearby allies. This effect can only occur once per Death Orb, and can occur even if the Death Orb has been previously destroyed.


  • Excalibur Prime is the first prime Warframe in game.
    • It is also the first prime Warframe to come with two different polarities, as opposed to one. This was followed by Ember Prime and Loki Prime.
  • There is a statue of Excalibur Prime inside the Orokin Derelict vaults, and one of the Lua Spy vaults.
    • Interestingly, at the start of Update 11.0 Excalibur Prime was given a short-lived full body skin called "Alabaster", which was explained by Digital Extremes as a test skin that was released by mistake. The skin's texture was similar to said Vault statues.
  • Compared to the later prime Warframes, Excalibur Prime has the least cosmetic difference compared to his standard counterpart, with the only significant additions being the Void Key-shaped emblem on his helmet and golden blades along his forearms.
  • When he was released, it was widely believed that Excalibur Prime had a slightly faster shield recharge rate compared to the non-prime variant.
    • While the existence of this feature can neither be confirmed, nor denied, Excalibur Prime currently does not possess this stat change.
  • Much like how Update 14.0 gave the standard Excalibur an ethereal Skana when using his abilities, Excalibur Prime uses an ethereal Skana Prime with his abilities, which was also added in the same update.


  • The short-lived Alabaster Skin.

See also

  • Prime, the Orokin enhancement to a Warframe or weapon.

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Excalibur Umbra is the Umbra variant of Excalibur, first released in the Chinese build of WARFRAME. It will be released in the Global Build at a later date.

Excalibur Umbra is not yet available in the Global Build.

Official Information

Digital Extremes has disclosed that Excalibur Umbra is to be the first of the "Umbra" Warframe variants. He is to come with its own unique system of acquisition, as a means to make Excalibur Umbra's release special. During Devstream 72Rebecca Ford compared revealing information about Excalibur Umbra prior to his release to revealing information about The Second Dream, potentially spoiling their intended result.

Like the Prime Warframes before him, Excalibur Umbra will be an entirely separate Warframe, and is presumed to have its own stats and polarities separate from either Excalibur or Excalibur Prime. Excalibur Umbra will also be a "global upgrade" to Excalibur, as opposed to being limited for a period of time.


  • Excalibur Umbra will be the first Umbra variant of a warframe to be released in WARFRAME.
  • In the Chinese Build, Excalibur Umbra originated as part of their Founder's pack exclusive, named as Excalibur Umbra Prime. The pack also included the Nikana Prime and the Spira Prime (both of which were introduced in the Global Build with Saryn Prime instead), as well as the Gauvan Prime Sekhara, a shoulder accessory obtainable only through that Founder pack.
  • Umbra is the Latin word for "shadow". What this modifier entails beyond Excalibur Umbra's dark coloration remains unknown.


  • Promotional material.
  • Chinese Founder's pack.
  • Launcher.

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Excalibur has improved mastery in the Tenno art of the blade, receiving +10% attack speed and +10% damage bonuses for melee attacks while wielding the following weapons:

Bonuses are additive to mods such as Pressure Point and Fury.


SlashDashModU15 SlashDash
Slash Dash
Dash between enemies while slashing with the Exalted Blade.
Strength:100 / 125 / 200 / 250
Range:6 / 8 / 10 / 12 m

  • Excalibur dashes between enemies within a cone 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 meters long and cuts them down with his Exalted Blade. Each strike inflicts 100 / 125 / 200 / 250 base damage.
  • Damage is affected by Ability Strength, the Melee Combo Counter and some mods.
  • Excalibur's health is immune to damage while dashing.
  • Airborne enemies, such as Hellions and Ospreys, can also be targeted.
  • If there are no enemies within its targeting area, Slash Dash will make Excalibur dash forward in the direction of aim, allowing it to be used as a mobility aid when reaching high places.
  • Pressing the Melee Attack button will cause Excalibur to instantly equip his current melee weapon after finishing Slash Dash.
  • When Exalted Blade is active, each attack from Slash Dash will release an energy wave.
    • Exalted Blade is classified as a longsword and therefore, Slash Dash will also have increased base damage from Excalibur's passive.
    • While Slash Dash itself cannot deal critical hits, Exalted Blade's energy waves can.
    • With Chromatic Blade equipped, Slash Dash seems to gain the status chance boost and switch to elemental damage. If Excalibur has 180% Ability Strength when activating Exalted Blade, all following Slash Dash casts seem to have 100% status chance.
  • Can be used to pass through Laser Barriers unharmed in most cases.
  • Can be used while jumping, sliding, forward flipping, wall running or clinging to a wall.
  • Slash Dash can damage enemies across the Rift Plane.

Main article: Surging Dash

Surging Dash is a Warframe Augment Mod for Excalibur, allowing each enemy hit by Slash Dash to add to the Warframe's Melee Combo Counter.

Rank Effect Cost
0 1 6
1 2 7
2 3 8
3 4 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Slash Dash will hit through a Grineer Shield Lancer's Shield.
  • Can be used to break Corpus ship windows and pass through laser doors unharmed.
  • Perfect for medium-distance traveling.
  • With the proper mods this is one of the most damage-efficient AoE abilities in the game, doing massive damage to multiple targets for very little cost.
  • Invulnerability allows players to deal with enemies by repeatedly casting Slash Dash without fear of damage or status proc effects.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • It is possible to get stuck on an enemy during the duration of the ability, and in most cases the enemy will not take damage.

RadialBlindMod RadialBlind
Radial Blind
Emits a bright flash of light, blinding all enemies in a small radius for several seconds.
Duration:7 / 10 / 12 / 15 s
Range:8 / 12 / 15 / 25 m

  • Excalibur summons and raises his Exalted Blade, releasing an intense flash of light that affects enemies within 8 / 12 / 15 / 25 meters and blinds them for 7 / 10 / 12 / 15 seconds.
    • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Radius is affected by Ability Range.
    • Affected enemies are initially stunned.
    • Blinded enemies are vulnerable to melee finishers and susceptible to stealth damage bonus.
    • Radial Blind will not affect enemies behind obstacles in the environment unless Excalibur has line of sight, or unless the enemy is aware of Excalibur within a short period of time (e.g., an enemy that spots Excalibur and runs out of view is still susceptible to Radial Blind if the ability is used within a small time frame).
  • Blind melee units will run to the source of audible gunfire and/or footsteps. Certain melee units, such as Guardsmen and Ancients, may attack Excalibur's last known location.
  • Blind ranged units will stand still or run for cover, and may occasionally throw a grenade towards Excalibur after the initial stun. Certain ranged units, such as Fusion MOAs, may also fire upon Excalibur's last known location. In most cases, ranged units will not use close-range crowd control abilities or melee.
  • Security cameras will deactivate their laser barriers for the duration.
  • Radial Blind affects individual bosses differently:
    • Some bosses are rendered helpless, and will not perform any actions unless attacked while blinded:
      • Sprag and Ven'kra Tel do not attack the player unless attacked first while blinded.
      • Lieutenant Lech Kril will not use his Ice Wave attack at all while blinded. (He cannot see the players, and thus cannot target them.) During the first stage of the boss fight, this prevents progression until the blinding effect wears off.
      • The Jackal will not attack the player unless attacked, but it will turn in place to attempt to keep the player in its frontal cone of vision. (More testing is needed to determine if this is AI behavior unique to bosses, or if it is a product of noise generated by the player while running.)
      • Alad V will not do damage to players while blinded, but be aware that he can also blind players. Zanuka however, his companion-boss, can deal damage while blinded, via mini-rockets. It cannot fire them while blinded, but if they are fired prior to blinding it, they can still track players.
    • Other bosses will still perform some actions, but will not attack:
      • The Sergeant will still turn invisible on occasion, but will otherwise be entirely helpless.
      • The Grustrag Three will attempt to move into cover after the initial stun period.
      • Captain Vor and Corrupted Vor can still teleport even while blinded.
      • Lynx will not attack the player while blinded, but be aware that any Lynx Turrets which were not hit by Radial Blind will still be able to attack, and the Lynx itself will not be vulnerable to damage unless all the Lynx Ospreys are defeated.
      • Councilor Vay Hek will still alternate between invincible and not while blinded, and he will dodge to the side when hit, even while blinded, but he will not retaliate at all. The Orbital Strike Drones he deploys can still attack if they are not blinded.
  • Blinded enemies have smoke diffusing from their eyes or similar body part for the ability's duration.
  • Can be used while running, attacking, blocking, jumping, sliding, forward flipping, wall running or clinging to a wall.
  • Has a cast time of 1 second, affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift.

Main article: Radiant Finish

Radiant Finish is a Warframe Augment Mod for Excalibur that increases the damage dealt by Finishers against enemies affected by Radial Blind.

Rank Damage Multiplier Cost
0 150% 6
1 200% 7
2 250% 8
3 300% 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Use this ability in combination with Silence in order to completely incapacitate all affected units.
  • Covert Lethality allows for lethal damage to be dealt to units blinded by this ability.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • If Excalibur managed to use an item (such as a Life Support in Survival) while casting the ability, Radial Blind will be cast twice: First, in a slowed animation and the second as the actual ability. Both animations still counts as a single Radial Blind.

RadialJavelinMod RadialJavelin
Radial Javelin
Launches javelins towards enemies, dealing high damage and impaling them to walls.
Strength:500 / 650 / 800 / 1000 (damage)
Range:15 / 18 / 22 / 25 m
Misc:5 / 7 / 10 / 12 (javelins)

  • Excalibur summons 5 / 7 / 10 / 12 javelins against enemies within a radius of 15 / 18 / 22 / 25 meters. Excalibur then drives his weapon into the ground, launching the javelins into their targets. Each javelin inflicts 500 / 650 / 800 / 1000 damage.
    • Damage is distributed evenly between Impact b Impact, Puncture b Puncture and Slash b Slash.
    • Damage is affected by Ability Strength, while the number of javelins is not.
    • Enemies that survive the damage are temporarily stunned.
    • Radius is affected by Ability Range.
    • While javelins do not Punch Through objects or enemies, their striking position is optimized to ensure a successful hit on their targets when they spawn. This allows the javelins to bypass obstacles in the environment including walls, cover, and Grineer Shield Lancer shields.
    • Radial Javelin will not target enemies behind obstacles in the environment unless Excalibur has line of sight, or unless the enemy is aware of Excalibur within a short period of time (e.g., an enemy that spots Excalibur and runs out of view can still be targeted by Radial Javelin if the ability is used within a small time frame).
  • Each javelin appears as an ethereal Skana. Excalibur Prime's javelins appear as ethereal Skana Primes.
  • Has a cast time of ~1 second and a post-cast animation delay of ~2.5 seconds.
  • Javelins can damage enemies across the Rift Plane.

Main article: Furious Javelin

Furious Javelin is a Warframe Augment Mod that temporarily increases Excalibur's melee damage for every enemy hit by Radial Javelin.

Rank Damage Bonus per hit Duration Cost
0 3% 6s 6
1 3% 8s 7
2 4% 10s 8
3 5% 12s 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Useful for clearing out large swarms of enemies if one is surrounded.
  • Allows players to deal both damage and crowd control at the same time.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

ExaltedBlade ExaltedBladeIcon
Exalted Blade
Summon a sword of pure light and immense power.

Energy Drain: 2.5 s-1

Strength:100 / 125 / 200 / 250 (damage)
Duration:6 s (blind duration)
Range:5 m (blind radius)

  • Excalibur draws an ethereal Skana and wields it as his melee weapon. Normal attacks inflict 100 / 125 / 200 / 250 damage within 2 meters.
  • Normal, slide, and aerial attacks will emit an energy wave in the direction of aim. Energy waves have the same base damage as the attacks that release them and fly at a constant speed of 15 m/s until they dissipate at a maximum distance of 40 meters.
    • Energy waves will Punch Through and hit enemies and terrain regardless of thickness up to their maximum range.
    • Wave damage falls off with distance. Damage fall off is not affected by mods.
  • Attacks and energy waves have a 200% critical damage multiplier with a 15% critical chance and a 10% status chance.
  • Damage is affected by Ability Strength, the Melee Combo Counter and most mods.
  • Exalted Blade consumes 2.5 energy per second while active and will remain active until Excalibur's energy is depleted, or the ability is deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 4 ).
  • Excalibur will auto-block any frontal attacks while Exalted Blade is active. Exalted Blade will also continue to block 60% of the frontal damage even while attacking or performing other actions.
  • Excalibur is unable to use any other weapon or equipped gear (e.g. Scanners, Fishing Spears) while Exalted Blade is active but can use all other abilities.
  • Exalted Blade is affected by and can trigger Warframe Arcanes.
  • While active, Exalted Blade will use an exclusive stance with its own set of combo attacks.
  • Slash Dash will receive bonus damage from Excalibur's Swordsmanship passive and each hit will release an energy wave when Exalted Blade is active.
  • Attacks can damage enemies across the Rift Plane.
  • Can be cast while moving or sprinting without interruption.

Main article: Exalted Blade (Stance)

Exalted Blade is a unique Stance that can only be acquired and used by activating Excalibur's fourth ability, Exalted Blade. This Stance overrides the Stance on any currently equipped melee weapon for as long as Exalted Blade remains active.

Main article: Chromatic Blade

Chromatic Blade is a Warframe Augment Mod for Excalibur that increases Exalted Blade's Status Chance while changing its damage from Physical Damage to a certain primary Elemental Damage type depending on Excalibur's chosen energy color.

Rank Status Chance Cost
0 25% 6
1 30% 7
2 40% 8
3 50% 9

Tips & Tricks
  • Due to Exalted Blade's waves being able to unlimitedly punch through up to its maximum range, Exalted Blade is well suited to taking out hordes of enemies, especially if they are huddled together.
  • It's preferable to use Steel Charge over Growing Power when modding for pure damage as the former adds more damage to Exalted Blade than the latter.
  • Exalted Blade can be used to deal with enemies while in cover without having to have Punch Through mods equipped.
  • The innate slide attack blind provides a cheaper alternative to Radial Blind, albeit with greatly reduced duration and range.
    • Allows players to blind enemies and quickly deal with them without being delayed by stealth finisher animations.
  • Combined with Mag's Magnetize, the sword waves can be redirected to hit the enemies inside multiple times until its maximum range can be reached.


Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • Maximized Ability Duration increases blind duration to 18.36 seconds and reduces channeling cost to 0.89 energy per second.
    • Reduces blind range to 1.7 meters.
  • Maximized Ability Efficiency reduces activation cost to 6.25 energy and channeling cost to 0.63 energy per second.
    • Reduces blind duration to 2.4 seconds.
  • Maximized Ability Range increases blind range to 14 meters.
    • Reduces damage to 100.
  • Maximized Ability Strength increases damage to 932.5.
    • Without Energy Conversion, increases damage to 807.5.
    • Increases activation cost to 38.75 energy and channeling cost to 4.38 energy per second.
    • Reduces blind duration to 4.35 seconds.

  • Using this ability during an "Unarmed" bug will result Exalted Blade having the same stats as your Melee Weapon, and sometimes will perform your Melee Weapon's Unsheathed attacks without the Waves.
  • Energy Leech Eximus does not increase the energy drain of Exalted Blade while active.
  • If Excalibur enters Bleedout state while Exalted Blade is active, Excalibur will use his melee and sometimes primary weapon rather than his secondary.
  • Equipping Reflex Guard can make Excalibur sporadically not take damage if Exalted Blade auto-blocks damage.

Strength Mods


Duration Mods


Range Mods


SlashDash SlashDash
RadialBlind RadialBlind
RadialJavelin RadialJavelin
ExaltedBladeIcon ExaltedBladeIcon

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Excalibur is the first of three initial Warframes that can be chosen in the game, along with Mag and Volt.

Wielding a mix of offensive, defensive and supportive abilities, Excalibur is a versatile frame that can fulfill a variety of roles: With his ability Slash Dash, Excalibur possesses a fair amount of mobility, allowing him to hurdle through certain map sections that only a few Warframes are capable of. Radial Blind is a supportive skill that stuns a wide group of enemies around Excalibur allowing him and/or his teammates ample time to finish them off. Slash Dash, Radial Javelin and Exalted Blade are his offensive skills and they provide Excalibur with a decent level of damage that synergizes well with the other frames, such as Mag with her Magnetize ability.


Slash Dash

  • Provides invulnerability during the movement phase of the ability.
  • Can hit multiple enemies in a single cast.
  • Slash Dash can be used in midair.

Radial Blind

  • Radial Blind disables enemies surrounding Excalibur.
  • Blinded enemies stop attacking and stand still.
  • Affected enemies are also open to melee finishers.
  • Only disables enemies in line of sight.
  • Has a short cooldown period between casts.
  • This ability can be used on some bosses to prevent them from using their abilities.

Radial Javelin

  • Launches ethereal javelins into nearby enemies.
  • Only enemies within line of sight can be damaged by Radial Javelin.
  • Can be cast in midair.

Exalted Blade

  • Conjures an ethereal Skana.
  • Exalted Blade has its own stance.
  • Launches energy waves up to a distance of 40 meters.
  • Blocks enemy attacks from the front.
  • Slide attacks trigger a weaker version of Radial Blind.
  • This ability gains the bonuses granted by the current melee weapon's mods excluding Riven Mods, Acolyte mods, augments and class specific mods.

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Excalibur can be equipped with the following items:



See also

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Update 22.18
  • Removed Excalibur’s 3 second cooldown on Radial Blind.

Update 22.16

  • Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Blind preventing recastable Abilities from being recast while active.

Update 22.9

  • Fixed getting no additional damage from Excalibur's passive when using Excalibur with a sword or rapier Zaw.

Hotfix 22.8.3

  • Boss Reward Location Changes:
    • In an effort to balance the acquisition of Warframes, we’ve shifted some boss drop locations:
      • Excalibur from Pluto to Mars - meaning Lieutenant Lech Kril now possess Excalibur parts

Update 22.2

  • Fixed a script error when casting Excalibur’s Exalted Blade ability.

Update 22.0

  • Toned down the smoke FX of Excalibur’s Radial Blind.

Hotfix 21.1.1

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when activating Excalibur’s Exalted Blade (and other similar abilities) then entering the Arsenal and going to the Melee weapon upgrades screen in Captura and the Simulacrum.

Update 21.1

  • Fixed Excalibur getting stuck in Slash Dash (and thus being invulnerable) if it was cast with no targets and the player took damage right after casting.

Hotfix 21.0.8

  • Fixed an issue where Clients downed while using Excalibur’s Exalted Blade would be unable to switch weapons when revived.

Hotfix 21.0.7

  • Fixed casting and deactivating Excalibur’s Exalted Blade while in Dual-Wield mode resulting in the UI stating the name of your Pistol and ability used.

Hotfix 21.0.4

  • Fixed the Berserker Mod not applying to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade and its waves.

Update 21.0

  • Slightly tweaked Excalibur's Noble stance to have better trigger placement with his fingers.

Update 20.7

Update 20.0

  • Lowered the brightness on Excalibur's Blind cast and Drone Explosion deaths to avoid excessive bloom.

Update 19.10

  • Fixed Excalibur and Limbo having a duplicate skin to equip.

Update 19.9

  • Fixed using Excalibur's Exalted Blade during a ‘Weapon Only’ Sortie resulting in "Power In Use" when casting any ability for the remainder of the mission.

Update 19.2

  • Excalibur’s Radial Blind is now affected by casting speed mods.

Update 19.0

Hotfix: The Silver Grove 2

  • Fixed friendly Excalibur Specters affecting you with their Radial Blind ability.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 12

  • Fixed a crash when casting Exalted Blade while you have an active Glaive thrown out.

Update 18.13

  • Exalted Blade Changes:
    • Exalted Blade's damage now diminish according to distance travelled and enemies punctured.
    • Exalted Blade’s built-in Radial Blind on spin will now cost ½ the Energy of a regular Radial Blind
  • Fixed being able to use Exalted Blade endlessly without Energy consumption.

Hotfix 18.10.4

  • Increased the resolution and slightly altered the tinting of Excalibur Prime.

Update 18.10

  • PBR Conversion: Added PBR Upgrades on Excalibur Prime.

Update 18.7

  • Fixed badge placements on Excalibur.

Update 18.5

  • Radial Blind and Radial Javelin will no longer stagger boss-type enemies.
  • Fixed Excalibur not properly earning Focus when using Exalted Blade.

Hotfix 18.4.7

  • Fixed Radial Blind animation improperly looping if interrupted by a knockdown, execution, Slash Dash, or Radial Javelin.

Hotfix 18.4.1

  • Fixed an error with Radial Blind ability where its effectiveness against eligible bosses was not diminished with each consecutive use.

Update 18.4

  • Fixed a visual FX issue that would occur with Radial Javelin when used at max speed.

Hotfix 18.3.1

  • Fixed Excalibur's passive not properly applying to Rapier weapons.

Hotfix 18.2.4

  • Fixed a memory leak that would occur with Radial Javelin's projectile FX.

Update 18.2

  • Fixed an error preventing players from using their weapons or abilities after using Exalted Blade.
  • Fixed an error that would prevent Clients from being able to use their powers if meleeing while Exalted Blade was ending, or being deactivated due to a Nullifier bubble.

Update 18.0

  • Excalibur is now purchasable through Teshin's Conclave Offerings at the Typhoon rank.
  • Fixed players being able to cast Radial Blind continuously while firing a weapon.

Update 17.5

  • Fixed Excalibur not receiving credit for kills from Exalted Blade.

Update 17.2

  • Reduced camera shake FX when using Excalibur’s Exalted Blade.

Update 17.0

  • Energy effects from elemental Mods will no longer display on Exalted Blade.
  • Fixed Radial Blind animation repeating if its activation is interrupted by a knockdown, or the use of another Ability Power.
  • Fixed Exalted Blade’s energy waves not being stopped by Corpus Nullifier shields.
  • Fixed Exalted Blade improperly taking on stances from other equipped melee weapons and vice versa.

Hotfix 16.11.5

  • Fixed instances of Radial Blind animation repeating if players are interrupted by knockdowns or when using Slash Dash or Radial Javelin while casting.
  • Fixed players receiving a ‘power in use’ message when casting Exalted Blade while switching to a melee weapon.
  • Fixed Exalted Blade not actually showing the weapon in hand if cast while switching to a melee weapon.

Update 16.10

  • Fixed channeling when using Exalted Blade’s melee or projectile attacks not consuming additional energy.
  • Fixed Exalted Blade not properly gaining Excalibur’s passive upgrades with the proper melee weapon equipped.
  • Fixed Slash Dash causing the player to dash through Nullifier bubbles.

Hotfix 16.9.4

  • Fixed the Proto Glaive skin causing Exalted Blade to not appear properly in Excalibur’s hand.


  • Fixed Exalted Blade copying melee Stance Mods.
  • Fixed an issue causing Exalted Blade to not properly release energy waves.

Hotfix 16.9.2

  • Fixed Exalted Blade’s melee attacks always counting as though it were channeled.

Hotfix 16.9.1

  • Fixed Exalted Blade not inheriting any melee mods.

Update 16.9

  • Excalibur Rework
    • First Ability: Slash Dash: Slash Dash will now target enemies within a conal distance from Excalibur, targeting all enemies within the range of cast. Enemies hit by Slash Dash will count towards the player’s melee combo counter.
    • Third Ability: Super Jump has been removed from Excalibur’s Abilities.
    • Third Ability: Radial Javelin is now Excalibur’s third Ability and costs 75 Energy to activate.
    • Fourth Ability: New Ability: Exalted Blade: Excalibur summons a sword of pure light and immense power.
    • Stat changes: Excalibur Armor: Excalibur’s base has been increased to 225 and to 250 for Excalibur Prime.
    • Excalibur’s Abilities have all been given a visual overhaul in line with his new Exalted Blade ability.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when joining a Mission through your Friends List as Excalibur Prime.

Hotfix 16.3.3


  • Fixed issue that caused Excalibur’s Radial Javelin to not kill enemies.

Hotfix 16.3.1

  • Fixed a game freeze that could occur when using Radial Javelin on ragdolled enemies.

Update 16.2

  • Fixed enemies becoming immune to melee attacks when hit with Radial Javelin.

Hotfix 16.1.4

  • Fixed animation timing for Radial Javelin when used with cast speed Mods.

Hotfix 16.1.2

  • Radial Javelin will now double check that enemies are within range before launching.

Hotfix 16.0.4

  • Removed dead animation time at the end of Radial Javelin and Radial Blind casting animations.

Update 16.0

  • Excalibur has been given a visual update via PBR!

Update 15.13

  • Increased damage bonus to Furious Javelin Mod.

Update 15.9

  • Added Melee Combo Counter to Excalibur’s Slash Dash.
  • Fixed Radial Javelin doing 2x damage when cast by Client.

Update 15.6

Hotfix 15.5.6

  • Fixed Radial Javelin not stunning enemies who survive the attack.

Hotfix 15.5.3

  • Fixed an issue in Hive Infestation that caused Radial Javelin to cease functioning.

Update 15.2

  • Radial Javelin will now check for line of sight when targeting enemies.

Update 15.0

  • Augment: Radial Javelin - Furious Javelin
  • Super Jump: Super Jump will now add invisibility to Excalibur while in air. Additionally, Super Jump will cause a small radial stun to all enemies around Excalibur when performed, similar to the way Ash’s Smoke Screen works.
  • Radial Blind: No longer able to affect enemies in rooms separated by walls. To encourage and facilitate different gameplay styles (like stealth), enemies aware of Excalibur within a few seconds, or enemies that Excalibur can see, will also be affected.
  • Radial Javelin: All enemies within radius of this ability will now be hit with a javelin. Instead of having this ability radiate out from Excalibur, javelins will now spawn directly around opponents. Javelins will optimize to find a point on each enemy that is safe to be hit, bypassing enemies that may be holding shields or otherwise in cover. There is also no longer a target maximum for this ultimate, meaning anyone in the radius will be an eligible target. Additionally, if the javelin does not kill the enemy, each target that survives will be put into stun for a brief period of time.

Update 14.0

  • Excalibur now make up one of the starter Warframe options.

Update 13.5

  • Prime: Tweaked the Excalibur Prime Channeling visual effects.

Hotfix 13.4.1

  • Prime: Updated the material and tint on the Excalibur Prime.

Hotfix 13.0.3

  • Prime: Improved the visuals on the Excalibur Prime Channeling effect.

Update 13.0

  • Tweaked the cast sounds of Excalibur.

Update 11.2

  • Armor increased from 50 to 65.

Update 9.8

  • Added cooldown to Radial Blind to avoid exploits.

Update 9.6

  • Radial Blind now uses Energy Colours.

Update 8.1

  • Fixed arm fins on clipping through the arm when using iron sights.

Update 6.5

  • Radial Javelin plus Nyx's Absorb no longer kills nearby Clients.

Update 5.3

  • Warframe Blueprints for Excalibur added.


  • Introduced
Last update: Hotfix 22.18.3

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