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Excalibur is the first of three initial Warframes that can be chosen in the game, along with Mag and Volt.

Wielding a mix of offensive, defensive and supportive abilities, Excalibur is a versatile frame that can fulfill a variety of roles: With ability like Slash Dash, Excalibur possesses a fair amount of mobility, allowing him hurdle certain map sections that only a few Warframes are capable of. Radial Blind is a supportive skill that stuns a wide group of enemies around Excalibur allowing him and/or his teammates ample time to finish them off. Slash Dash and Radial Javelin are his offensive skills and they provide Excalibur a decent level of damage that synergizes well with the other frames, such as Mag.


Slash Dash

  • This ability can be used in the air or while jumping.

Radial Blind

  • This ability can disable large groups of enemies surrounding Excalibur.
  • This ability can be used on some bosses to prevent them from using their abilities.

Radial Javelin

  • This can be further increased using Banshee's Sonar. Able to defeat low level bosses with a single cast.

Exalted Blade

  • This ability switches to a unique melee weapon, which shoots waves of energy with each slash.
  • This ability grants auto-parry by blocking attacks from the front.
  • This ability gains the bonuses granted by the current melee weapon's mods.

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