In return for a substantial donation to his campaign, Vay Hek consigned one of his most vicious clones to Kela's service. Vay Molta has become a crowd favorite with her modified Jat Kittag.

Like all other Executioners she seems to have a built in reduction for duration based abilities (based on playtests, not confirmed):

  1. Cast: affected for 25% of the duration
  2. Cast: affected for 15% of the duration
  3. Cast and every following: affected for 2.25% of the duration

Behavior Edit

  • For the most part, Molta behaves much like a Hellion, launching missiles from a Grakata when in the air while using a Hind on the ground.
  • Much like Sprag, she can fly into the air and perform a ground slam attack.
  • Using her jetpack she boosts her velocity to attack three times in a row with powerful spinning attacks performed with her double sided Jat Kittag. She is invulnerable to attacks when in this whirlwind attack.


Vay Molta Meet Your Executioner01:11

Vay Molta Meet Your Executioner

Vay Molta Overview

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only Executioner who doesn't employ the use of shields.
  • When she is attacking with her signature move, her Jat Kittag and/or jetpack can be heard making loud, high pitched squealing noises.

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