Exodia Contagion is an Arcane Enhancement for Zaws that unleashes a projectile of Infested energy upon performing an aerial melee attack after a bullet jump or double jump.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 1 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 10
MarketIcon Market Price: N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: ReputationBlackx64500 + Credits641,500


Rank Damage (after 30m)
0 100%
1 200%
2 300%
3 400%


Blueprint can be bought from Nakak during Operation: Plague Star for ReputationBlackx64500 + Credits641,500 each upon reaching the rank of Defender with Operational Supply.


  • Upon performing a mid-air attack after bullet-jumping or double-jumping, an infested grenade will be launched towards the player's target. The grenade is affected by gravity, but is otherwise not range-limited.
    • Achieving the requirements of the Exodia Contagion will decrease the angular range of Slam Attacks down to roughly 15 degrees, allowing the grenades to be tossed at lower angles.
  • The damage, critical chance, critical damage of the grenade is affected by the weapon's base stats and mods.
  • The damage from the grenade is also effected by stealth damage multipliers.
  • The infested grenade is capable of inflicting Viral b Viral proc, in addition to any other status effects on the equipped Zaw.
  • The grenade can also proc Berserker charges, although they do not count towards the Melee Combo Counter.
  • The infested grenade will do self-damage, but will only apply Viral b Viral procs and elemental base from the Zaw's strike.
  • The projectile is not affected by Limbo's Stasis and will do damage to enemies outside the Rift.
    • However, the projectile will still do self damage to Limbo even when he's inside the Rift
  • The projectile can be controlled by Ivara's Navigator ability.
  • For each tier of Exodia Contagion, the infested grenade's damage is increased after travelling 30 meters, indicated by a small burst of energy at that point.
  • The projectile is not affected by range mods.
  • Upon using volt's speed ability the projectile will receive significantly increased traveling speed with barely noticeable drop off.
  • Bonus critical chance on slide attack mods such as Maiming Strike or Zaw Riven Mods do not affect the critical chance of the projectile.


  • The projectile launched takes on the appearance of the Zaw's Strike, which will embed itself on the first surface it hits before disappearing after a few seconds.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.3
  • Introduced