There are 2 types of Resource Extractors (3 if you count the Primed variant), and each one has a different resource rarity rate which depends on the type of the Extractor.

Titan Extractor (Regular and Prime) Chance
Common 75.5%
Uncommon 22%
Rare 2%
DETitan Extractor
Distilling Extractor (Regular) Chance Change
Common 30% -45.5%
Uncommon 65% +43%
Rare 5% +3%
Distilling Extractor (Prime) Chance Change
Common 20% -55.5%
Uncommon 75% +53%
Rare 5% +3%

*Changes are compared to the Regular Titan Extractor. This information was found on the Warframe Reddit and the original was posted by the Reddit user Deathmax.

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