Faction damage mods are mods that increase the damage done to enemies of a specific faction. These mods work on all enemy types of a given faction, including bosses. They do not, however, work against Corrupted versions of enemies though, e.g. Bane of Infested will not increase damage done against a Corrupted Ancient. There are a total of 12 faction damage mods: 3 mods (Infested, Grineer and Corpus) for the each of the 4 main weapon mod types (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and Melee). All faction damage weapon mods increase damage by 5% per rank, and max out at 30%. The base equip cost for these mods is 4, and they all have a Madurai Pol polarity.

The damage increases from faction damage mods affect the base damage of a weapon, instead of adding additional 'elemental' damage. Faction damage mods stack multiplicatively with other mods, thus increasing all damage. For complete mechanics, see Damage.

Faction damage mods appear to drop from any faction at a lower rate than other uncommons, but seem to drop at a higher rate from the Void.

List of Damage ModsEdit






  • Faction damage mods were added in Update 9.

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