The Finishing Touch mod increases damage dealt by the combat finisher attack, ground finisher attack and stealth attack of melee weapons.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +15% 2
1 +30% 3
2 +45% 4
3 +60% 5


  • Glaive weapons like the Kestrel go well with this mod because of their knockdown ability when thrown. Works especially well versus MOAs if you can get to them fast enough.
  • Fist weapons such as the Tekko when equipped with the Seismic Palm stance will also synergise well due to many of the combos ending in knockdowns or opening the enemy to a Finisher


  • Added in Update 10.0.
  • The percentage multiplier is added onto the damage multiplier, for up to a maximum of 460% melee base damage on finishers.


  • It does not appear to be functioning with the Kogake currently. Further testing is needed to see if this mod is not functioning on any other weapon.


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