FireBlast Fire Blast (Ruk) RukBlast
Slams the ground and sprays fire to the ground, creating an ever-expanding dome of fire.
High (Heat)
30 Meters
Used by:
Sargas Ruk
Arson/Caustic Eximus

  • General Sargas Ruk slams the ground to create a ring of fire which expands rapidly until up to 30 meters radius wide and 10 meters tall, high fire damage and a knockdown is dealt for those caught in it.
    • Damage scales with level.

  • Will heat Sargas Ruk's pyrosuit so much, that it always opens his weak point.
  • Cannot knockdown Tenno who is in the middle of casting animation.

  • Sargas Ruk's Fire Blast shares similar elements to Ember's and Ambulas'.

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