Fired Up

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Polarity Madurai Pol
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Corrupted Crewman
Orokin Drone

Fired Up is a Sentinel mod that increases the damage of a sentinel after continuously firing its weapon for a set amount of time.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 10% 6 C5
1 20% 7 C5
2 30% 8 C8
3 40% 9 C10
4 50% 10 C13
5 60% 11 C15


According to [DE]Glen in Devstream 47, overheat is when the sentinel continuously shoots for a certain amount of time. This makes this card more effective on a sentinel that reaches overheat quickly and cools off slowly. As seen below, the most effective in these stats is the Laser Rifle.

Sentinel Weapon Stats

Devstream 47: Sentinel Overheat Stats


  • Added in Update 10.
  • The extra damage bonus is applied once the weapon has been fired uninterrupted for a certain period of time, aka its "overheat period", which varies between weapons. The extra damage is then retained for several seconds afterwards during its "cooldown period", which denotes the duration that the weapon maintains said damage when it stops firing. The damage bonus is reset once the cooldown period expires without the weapon being fired.
  • This mod goes well with the Laser Rifle, due to requiring only 4 seconds of uninterrupted fire to reach overheat.


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