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Fired Up is a Sentinel mod that increases the damage of a sentinel after continuously firing its weapon for a set amount of time.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +10% 6 C5
1 +20% 7 C5
2 +30% 8 C8
3 +40% 9 C10
4 +50% 10 C13
5 +60% 11 C15

Overheat MechanicsEdit

The damage bonus is gradually applied as the weapon fires continuously for a certain period of time (its "overheat" duration). Once the weapon stops firing, the extra damage is then gradually removed during its "cooldown" duration, and the damage bonus is removed completely once the cooldown period expires, provided the weapon does not fire during that period of time.

This makes this mod more effective on a sentinel weapon that overheats quickly and cools off slowly. Below is a table showing the overheat and cooldown durations of most known sentinel weapons (with the exception of the Deconstructor).

Sentinel Weapon Overheat Time (Seconds) Cooldown Time (Seconds)
Burst Laser


10 13
Deth Machine Rifle 10 8
Laser Rifle


4 20
Stinger 10 7


10 7
Vulklok ? ?


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