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Polarity V
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Referral Program
Toxic Ancient

Firestorm increases the blast radius of the Ignis, Ogris and Penta.


Awarded from the Referral Program, upon gaining 15 Recruits, or obtained via transmutation.

Note: As of Update 10.2.0, the mod "can now be found in-game or through Mod packs in the Market."


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 6% 6 C5
1 12% 7 C5
2 18% 8 C8
3 24% 9 C10


  • Added in Update 10.
  • This mod can only be equipped on the Ignis, Ogris, and Penta.
  • An increase of 24% in blast radius adds up to a 53% increase in the total blast area. 
  • When used with the Ogris and Penta it can be considered a damage multiplier as it increases the effective area of the explosion. As damage gets stronger closer to the epicenter of the explosion extending the range of the explosion also increases the effective damage area(s).  
  • Can be obtained through transmutation of 4 rare mods.


  • Update 10.5 fixed several errors on the mod's depiction;
    • The mod picture had 2 extra rank ticks that have been partially removed.
    • The in-game description said that it affects the Ignis and the "Orgis" instead of the "Ogris".

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