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The Mod previously known as Focus is now Intensify

Focus[1] is an expected end-game element that was supposed to be released in Update 14, as stated by Steve Sinclair, but is yet to be implemented. As of Update 17.10 it still does not exist in the game, stated at numerous Devstreams, it is said that Augmented Mods and Arcane Enhancements were the two major detached mechanics that is supposed to be the part of the Focus, ultimately "cannibalizing" the concept itself.

During an AMA on the Warframe subreddit (28/08/15) Animation Director Geoff Crookes stated that they would like it for Update 18. "Focus system is still high in our minds. We want it soon.. Like u18 soon"

When a piece of gear hits its rank cap, it can start earning points to unlock player abilities they can activate as a form of "avatar" state or "beast" mode.

Focus is classified into six classes:

  • Warrior
  • Guardian
  • Tactician
  • Ward
  • Elemental
  • Channeling

You need to install a "Focus Lens" on your maxed Warframe or Weapon to start earning Focus points, the types of Focus points earned depends on which lens are used. For example, installing a Warrior Lens on a Warframe will earn it Warrior Focuses. All affinities earned beyond a rank 30 Focused item goes toward earning a Focus point.

Every mastery ranks earned will grant a Focus slot. e.g.: Being Mastery Rank 4 will allow you to install four Focus powers.

It is stated that Focus will outline lore based on the Tenno's background.


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