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The Mod previously known as Focus is now Intensify

Focus[1] is an expected end-game element expected to be released in Update 14 (June-July), as stated by Steve Sinclair. When a piece of gear hits its rank cap, it can start earning points to unlock player abilities they can activate as a form of "avatar" state or "beast" mode.

Focus is classified into six classes:

  • Warrior
  • Guardian
  • Tactician
  • Ward
  • Elemental
  • Channeling

You need to install a "Focus Lens" on your maxed Warframe or Weapon to start earning Focus points, the types of Focus points earned depends on which lens are used. For example, installing a Warrior Lens on a Warframe will earn it Warrior Focuses. All affinities earned beyond a rank 30 Focused item goes toward earning a Focus point.

Every mastery ranks earned will grant a Focus slot. e.g.: Being Mastery Rank 4 will allow you to install four Focus powers.

It is stated that Focus will outline lore based on the Tenno's background.


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