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The Focus Energy mod increases Channeling efficiency and Electricity b Electricity damage on melee weapons by 10% and 15% per rank, at a maximum of 40% and 60% at rank 3, respectively.


Rank Channeling Efficiency Electrical Damage Cost Conclave
0 +10% +15% 6 C8
1 +20% +30% 7 C8
2 +30% +45% 8 C16
3 +40% +60% 9 C20


  • Added in Update 9.
  • Obtained from Nightmare mode mission rewards.
  • It should be considered that Focus Energy stacks with Shocking Touch and Voltaic Strike if more electrical damage is needed.
  • While Reflex Coil and Focus Energy combined will total 100% channeling efficiency, Melee Channel has a minimum energy cost of 1 Energy per strike, translating to an 80% Channeling Efficiency cap.


  • Previously, the in-game description of this mod incorrectly stated:
    "Convert 10% of energy used to Bonus Damage on next Melee Attack. Store up to +0.2 Bonus Damage"'


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