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Focus Lens

Focus Abilities can be upgraded through the use of FocusLensFocus bFocus Points, which are earned through the use of a Focus Lens, a special item that converts 1.25% of Affinity earned to FocusLensFocus bFocus Points, before allocating the points to either Warframe only, or split between Warframe and weapon when using a weapon. Focus Lenses can only be installed on Rank 30 Warframes, Weapons, Archwings, and Archwing weapons. Only excess experience points gained after Rank 30 are converted to Focus points; if a Focus Lens-equipped item is polarized, the item will not convert Focus points until it has once again reached Rank 30. Items can only have one Focus Lens installed at any time; while players can install another Focus Lens over the old one, the previously installed Lens will be lost in the process.

Currently, Focus Lenses and Greater Lenses can be acquired through completing Sortie missions, and regular lenses can be traded between players. Greater Lenses can be crafted with a blueprint, or bought with Platinum from the market, as well.

The type of Focus earned is determined by the lens that is used. For example, installing a FocusLensNaramon bNaramon Lens on a Warframe will earn SealNaramonTree bNaramon Focus. Affinity earned on a lens-equipped item beyond Rank 30 will go towards earning Focus, and will also take Stealth Attack Affinity bonuses into account. Lens-equipped weapons can earn Focus for direct kills and for ally kills, while Warframes equipped with lenses can gain Focus points from kills made by their powers, weapons, or ally kills. Focus points are converted after Affinity distribution mechanics are performed, i.e. a kill using Warframe powers earns 100% Affinity from said kill (lens on Warframe), thus receiving the full 1.25% Focus conversion from a regular lens, however weapon kills split Affinity in half between weapon and Warframe, resulting in both weapon and Warframe receiving only 0.625% Focus each per kill (total of 1.25% remains the same). Furthermore, Focus lenses on weapons will still perform the affinity split even if the Warframe has no Focus lens, thus weapons will always receive only half the amount of converted Focus from the player's own kills. On the other hand, affinity from ally kills is shared 25% to the Warframe and 75% shared among all equipped weapons. So Warframes with a regular lens will always convert 0.3125% of ally kill affinity, but weapons will receive 0.3125% focus per ally kill with three weapons equipped, 0.46875% with two weapons equipped, or 0.9375% when only the weapon with the lens is equipped. In any configuration, if all equipped weapons and the Warframe have regular lenses capturing affinity, the same total of 1.25% ally kill affinity will be converted to one focus or another. In other words unlike with personal kills where unused gear receives no affinity, if any gear has no lens some potential focus will be lost from ally kills.

View Conversion-Rate of Focus based on Kill-Source and Equipped Lenses List
Warframe Lens Weapon Lens Warframe-Power Kill Weapon Kill Ally Kill
(100% Warframe, 0% Weapon) (50% Warframe, 50% Weapon) (25% Warframe, 75% Weapon)[1]
No Lens No Lens 0% 0% 0%
No Lens FocusLens1Rank sqRegular 0% + 0%
0% + 0.625%
0% + 0.9375%
No Lens FocusLens2Rank sqGreater 0% + 0%
0% + 0.875%
0% + 1.3125%
FocusLens1Rank sqRegular No Lens 1.25% + 0%
0.625% + 0%
0.3125% + 0%
FocusLens1Rank sqRegular FocusLens1Rank sqRegular 1.25% + 0%
0.625% + 0.625%
0.3125% + 0.9375%
FocusLens1Rank sqRegular FocusLens2Rank sqGreater 1.25% + 0%
0.625% + 0.875%
0.3125% + 1.3125%
FocusLens2Rank sqGreater No Lens 1.75% + 0%
0.875% + 0%
0.4375% + 0%
FocusLens2Rank sqGreater FocusLens1Rank sqRegular 1.75% + 0%
0.875% + 0.625%
0.4375% + 0.9375%
FocusLens2Rank sqGreater FocusLens2Rank sqGreater 1.75% + 0%
0.875% + 0.875%
0.4375% + 1.3125%
  1. Assuming only one weapon equipped for simplicity. Total focus is the same if all weapons have lenses. If some weapons have no lens or a mix of greater and lesser weapon lenses is used an intermediate amount of focus will be earned.

Affinity earned by other equipped weapons, affinity earned from kills made by teammates, and bonus affinity from completing objectives will not be converted into Focus. Kills made by Syndicate Weapon Augments are counted as Warframe kills instead of weapon kills, and are converted into Warframe Focus accordingly. As of Update 18.4.10, Focus Points have an experimental limit of 100,000 per day. The daily limit resets at 00:00 UTC.

Once earned, Focus can be spent by accessing the Focus menu on the Orbiter's Transference Room. Focus points can be spent to unlock a new school, unlock a new upgrade node in an existing school ability tree, upgrade an unlocked node, or increase the maximum Pool for a specific tree.

FocusLens2Rank sq

Greater Lens

Greater Lenses convert 1.75% of excess Affinity into Focus points, 40% more than a regular Focus Lens. Their blueprints can be obtained from the Components section of the Market for players who have completed the Second Dream quest, and they can also be obtained as rewards from Sorties. Complete Greater Lenses can also be bought from the Market for Platinum64‍ 40. Unlike with normal Focus Lenses, Greater Lenses cannot be traded.

Manufacturing Requirements
FocusLens1Rank sq
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 10
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum6440 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Credits64200,000

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