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Type Crafted / Purchased
This shape-altering component is fundamental to Orokin construction.

–In-Game Description

The Forma is a resource used to add, remove, or alter a Polarity to a Mod slot to Warframes, weapons, or Companions; add Tiles to a Clan Dojo; or serve as a component in the creation of certain weapons.


Forma or its blueprint can be:

  • Purchased in the market for Platinum64 20.
  • Received as a Login Reward.
  • Blueprint received as an Alert Reward.
  • Blueprint received as a reward from Orokin Derelict missions.
  • Blueprint received as a reward from Orokin Void missions.
  • Received as a reward from Orokin Void missions.
  • Found in Reinforced Orokin storage containers in Orokin Derelict missions

Note that the blueprint is consumed when the Forma is crafted.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hr
Rush: Platinum64 10
Market Price: Platinum64 20 Blueprint Price: N/A

Drop Locations

View Drop Locations List

Updated from "PRIME GEAR DROP LOCATIONS by DERebecca" on February 19, 2015

Drop Drop Location
Forma64 Forma Blueprint Orokin Derelict Defense (Rotation C)
Orokin Derelict Survival (Rotation C)
Tower I Capture
Tower II Capture
Tower III Capture
Tower IV Capture
Tower I Defense (Rotation A & C)
Tower III Defense (Rotation B & C)
Tower IV Defense (Roation A, B, & C)
Tower I Exterminate
Tower II Exterminate
Tower IV Exterminate
Tower IV Interception (Rotation B & C)
Tower I Mobile Defense
Tower III Mobile Defense
Tower IV Mobile Defense
Tower III Sabotage
Tower IV Sabotage
Tower II Survival (Rotation A)
Tower III Survival (Rotation C)
Tower IV Survival (Rotation B & C)
Forma64 Forma Tower III Exterminate
Tower III Sabotage
Tower III Survival (Rotation C)

Blueprints Requiring Forma

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Forma
Blueprint Type Quantity
Dual Ichor Melee 1
Jat Kittag Melee 1
Nikana Melee 1
Prova Melee 1
Ripkas Melee 1
Scoliac Melee 1
Silva & Aegis Melee 1
Venka Melee 1
Acrid Pistol 1
Akstiletto Pistol 1
Dual Cestra Pistol 1
Embolist Pistol 1
Nukor Pistol 1
Pyrana Pistol 1
Spectra Pistol 1
Castanas Thrown Weapon / Pistol 1
Attica Rifle 1
Dera Rifle 1
Flux Rifle Rifle 1
Ignis Rifle 1
Mutalist Quanta Rifle 1
Paracyst Rifle 1
Quanta Rifle 1
Supra Rifle 1
Sybaris Rifle 1
Synapse Rifle 2
Tiberon Rifle 1
Phage Shotgun 1
Grinlok Sniper 1
Lanka Sniper 1
Torid Grenade Launcher 1
Ogris Rocket Launcher 1
Djinn Sentinel 2
Helios Sentinel 1

Using Forma on Equipment

To apply a Forma, click Arsenal and equip the desired item. Scroll over the item in the arsenal. Select Action at the bottom of the screen, then choose Polarize, which will show a layout of the item's mod slots and polarities. Click on a slot to cycle through the possible polarities. A slot that already has a polarity (either by default or from a prior polarization) can also be changed.

Forma can only be used on equipment that has already been ranked to 30 and, when used, said equipment is reset to rank 0 (unranked). Warframes and Warframe Skills will be reduced to rank 0. Forma can be used again on already polarized equipment, provided that it is leveled to 30 again. Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors are unaffected by the usage of Forma. Re-leveling equipment after using Forma on it does not grant mastery points.

For each Forma used on equipment, said equipment will gain a star above the name of the equipment starting from the center.


  • Oddly enough, players can polarize weapon and Aura mod slots with a Zenurik Pol or Unairu Pol polarity, despite there currently being no Aura mods with these polarities.


  • Forma means "shape" in a variety of languages, including Latin, Spanish and Italian.
  • The Forma is shaped as a jigsaw piece.
  • The prevalence of golden surfaces in Orokin Void levels and on Prime equipment may indicate the use of massive amounts of Forma in their construction. The grey surfaces in the Clan Dojo may be due to Tenno improvising with more mundane materials while copying the Orokin aesthetics. The golden colors of the Orokin Reactor may also be due to the presence of Forma in this construct.

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