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Fortitude increases chance to resist knockdown effects and increases the shield recharge rate of a Warframe.

This mod can combine with Sure Footed for an 80% chance to resist knockdown, and also combine with Fast Deflection to increase shield recharge rate by 170%. The knockdown resist mechanic does not affect the speed at which you recover from a knockdown (Handspring does). Shield recharge modifiers affect the rate at which you gain shields, but does not shorten the 3-second delay between taking damage and initiating the recharge.

Players will perform a blocking animation along with an energy effect if a successful resistance to knockdown occurs. This animation does halt your movement briefly.


Rank Knockdown Resistance Shield Recharge Cost Conclave
0 +5% +20% 6 C8
1 +10% +40% 7 C8
2 +15% +60% 8 C14
3 +20% +80% 9 C20

Notes Edit

  • Using Fortitude with a maxed Sure Footed mod allows for an 80% resistance to knockdown.
  • Using Fortitude with a maxed Fast Deflection allows for a 170% shield recharge rate.


  • Fortitude was added in Update 9.
  • This mod used to share its icon with Vigor, another Nightmare Mode mod.


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