The Foundry is the section of the player's Orbiter responsible for the crafting of Warframes, Archwings, Sentinels, weapons, and other equipment in Warframe. Accessing the Foundry requires completion of the relevant tutorial mission from the Vor's Prize Quest, and then installing the Foundry Module reward from said mission, which will permanently unlock the Foundry for use.

The Foundry will be accessible from the WARFRAME official site in the future,Tweet and can currently be accessed via the Warframe Nexus app.


Forging an item involves acquiring the blueprint for that item, gathering the necessary components specified by that blueprint, initializing the build process, and waiting for the item to complete in real time. The foundry will continue to build the item even when the player is logged out, allowing for items with long build times like Warframes to be available in a set number of days regardless of in-game playtime. The build process may be cancelled any time before completion, refunding the resources and blueprint. Completed items can then be claimed, putting them in the player's inventory for use.

When crafting an item in the Foundry, a solid mass of energy in the shape of said item will be shown floating within it. The mass will properly acquire the item's color and textures once crafting is complete. When forging complete Warframes or Warframe alternate helmets, the mass will be in the shape of the Warframe's head. If multiple items are being crafted, the first item to start construction will be the one shown in the Foundry.

Blueprints and Materials


A flowchart showing the weapons that require other weapons when crafted (excluding Archwing weapon(s)).

While many blueprints for many different items can be purchased from the Market module in the Orbiter or from Research rooms in a Dojo, some blueprints are only available as rewards from bosses, alert missions, or Orokin Void and Orokin Derelict missions. Blueprints require materials, either in resources or intermediate parts, and some Credits64 Credits in order to realize the final item. Certain weapons may even require another weapon or two to construct, usually in regards to dual-wielded secondary weapons. A list of those weapons are here. The player's current collection of materials can be seen under the Components button.

Items are commonly built from intermediate parts: items that are the result of other blueprints. There are just a small number of complex weapons that are built from simpler ones, but the majority of Warframes require players to buy a frame blueprint and gather three intermediate part blueprints to craft the components (Neuroptics, chassis, and systems) of the Warframe itself. These component blueprints are typically dropped from bosses, with most frames having a specific boss associated with them. Exceptions to this include Banshee, Nezha, Volt, and Zephyr, whose parts come from clan research; Mirage, Limbo, Inaros and Chroma, whose parts come from a quest; and Vauban, whose parts are awarded by Alert missions.


Most blueprints may only be used to craft an item once, whereupon it is consumed. Others, meanwhile, will have no limit as to how many times they may be used. Those that have no crafting limit will have a gold tinted background, and "REUSABLE BLUEPRINT" at the bottom. Single-use blueprints will display the number of blueprints left. If a blueprint produces multiple items, then the number of items will be specified in the name.


For most items, claiming a fully-built item is as simple as selecting it and pressing the related button. In the case of Warframes and weapons, there must be available inventory slots. If a vacant slot of the corresponding type is not available, the Warframe or weapon will remain in the Foundry until an available slot can be acquired. Warframe slots cost Platinum64‍ 20 each, while weapon slots are purchased in pairs at Platinum64‍ 12 per pair.

Rushing Construction

Foundry construction can be rushed by paying Platinum64 Platinum to instantly finish the item, with different items requiring different amounts of payment for rushing. This amount is fixed until it reaches 50%, from there on it decreases down to 50% of its initial costs.

e.g. An initial rush cost of Platinum64‍ 30 will decrease to Platinum64‍ 24 once the item reaches 70% craft completion.

Rush cost = Initial rush cost × (1 - ((Progress - 50) / 100))

Foundry Upgrades

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