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Fusion Cores are a type of mod that are used in fusion to upgrade mods. Unlike some mods, Fusion Cores can be obtained from any faction. When dropped by an enemy on a map, they appear identical to a normal mod.

When fusing mods to upgrade them, Fusion Cores can be substituted for regular mods to increase the upgrade energy of a mod. The amount of energy given to a mod when a Fusion Core is used depends on its rarity and level. The higher level the Fusion Core, the more upgrade energy will be applied to the mod during fusion. Fusing rarer mods and cores is much more cost efficient than fusing common versions.

Fusion Cores can also be sold for a various amount of Credits64 Credits.


  • As of now there are four types of fusion cores, with one being exclusive.
    • Common: 1 - 3
    • Uncommon: 1 - 5
    • Rare: 1 - 5
    • Legendary: 0
      • Was given out to players with the change in number of ranks for Steel Charge, rank 10 changed to rank 5. Distributed to players who had a Steel Charge mod that was rank 6 or higher before update 12.2.0.
  • Early planets can drop Common 0-2, and more rarely Uncommon 3.
  • A core's total quality/grade can be abbreviated using the first letter of its rarity followed by its numeric rank. For instance, if the Alert Twitter feeds say a mission reward is '3x R5 Fusion Core Pack (Item)', then it will award three Rare rank 5 Fusion Cores.
  • A good place for farming fusion cores of all types is Triton, Neptune.


  • Rare 10 Core

    A Rare Fusion Core, Rank 10. Discontinued in Update 7.

    During the mod system change between Update 6 and Update 7, all of the previous mods were turned into Fusion Cores to be used in the Update 7 system. During this conversion, all of a player's mods were turned into a random core between the rarity of Common 0/10 up to Rare 10/10. After the conversion, Common Cores were maxed to 3/3, while Rare and Uncommon topped off at 5/5. There is currently no way to obtain #/10 mods, as they can't be traded. They have since been retitled as "Ancient Fusion Core" in update 14.0.9.


  • So many Cores!!!
  • Adding a Rare 10 Core to an unranked Serration.
  • The number of Rare 10 Cores needed to max Serration.
  • Discontinued Rare 10 fusion cores.
  • Exclusive Legendary Core as seen in-game.

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