Fusion MOA

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Fusion MOA
Faction IconCorpusBCorpus
Type Close Ranged/ deployer
Weapon Plasma beam
Robotic 250
Puncture b+  Electricity b++  Radiation b+  Slash b-  Toxin b-
Shield 250
Impact b++  Cold b++  Magnetic b+++  Puncture b-  Radiation b-
Base Multiplier Torso: 2.0x
Base Experience 200
Base Level 15
Unprotected Parts All
Codex Scans 5
Mod Drops Fusion Core
Thief's Wit
Smite Corpus
Self Destruct
The latest in Corpus Robotics. These Moas have been augmented with salvaged Orokin technology. Their focused beam attack is deadly. A fusion Moa will deploy a support Drone when sufficiently damaged.


Fusion MOAs have slightly higher shields and health than regular MOAs. They run towards Tenno and shoot them with a powerful laser, which does constant, heavy damage and ignites its target. The beam can be outrun, as the MOA takes time to readjust its aim. Fusion MOAs have the ability to deploy a large white Drone once their health drops to 50%. This drone rapidly fires yellow plasma bolts at the player. It tends to be much more destructive and harder to kill than its parent MOA, especially on higher levels; as such, it is highly recommended to destroy any Fusion MOAs quickly or Disarm them before they can release their drone.


  • Fusion MOAs are the second MOA type to engage in close-range combat. Shockwave MOAs also exhibit this close-quarters combat style.
  • It is advised to destroy a Fusion MOA quickly once engaged, as to prevent it from launching its drone.
  • This MOA variant has the largest health in its family, seconded with the largest shield capacity of its family.
    • Magnetic damage is the most effective damage type to destroy this unit.



  • While cloaked by the Shade, the Fusion MOA will stop shooting you, but then start again. You will take no damage from the laser as long as you are cloaked. (this may have been fixed when cloaking was altered to not block damage)


  • Fusion Moa Codex
  • Fusion MOA Weakness
  • Fusion MOA In The CODEX (Livestream 16)
  • Clearer image of the Fusion MOA without the beam.
  • A Drone deployed by Fusion MOAs.
  • Banner for the Fusion MOA extermination event
  • A Drone firing.
  • U12 Fusion moa, changed health to robotic.
Fusion MOA Drone00:33

Fusion MOA Drone

Fusion MOA00:20

Fusion MOA


  • Fusion MOAs are identified by their large white legs and unique gun design.
  • Fusion MOAs were added in Update 7.10 as part of the Weekend Extermination Event and were only found on Europa.
  • The Fusion Moa Event reached its goal on 20:31:35 GMT, 5/5/2013. Players who killed at least one MOA were rewarded a Frost Prime blueprint (before it was properly introduced in Update 8) and 100,000 credits.
  • After the event, Fusion MOAs became part of regular Corpus troops, with Corrupted variants appearing in The Void as well.

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