General Sargas Ruk's battle is divided into three phases, each phase begins at every 1/3 increment of his health.

Defensively, he has heavy armoring impervious to damage except for one weakspot, which will appear on various locations depending on the phase he's in. But as wearing a pyro-amputation naturally goes, his exhaust will occasionally open to flush out heat in blue flame, which is his only vulnerable point. His exhaust is however, still high in armor.

Offensively, his cannon provides him with special abilities such as Fire Blast and Inferno. At medium range, he will use his cannon as a flamethrower and at long range, he will launch Blast Grenade capable of knockdown.


Phase 1Edit

During the first phase, Ruk will use his arm cannon as a flamethrower (similar to Ignis) at close quarters. And will launch a Blast Grenade, with a guaranteed of Blast b Blast proc (knockdown).

His weak spot is located in the exhaust mounted on his left shoulder.

Phase 2Edit

Once his shoulder generator is destroyed, Ruk will occasionally use Fire Blast. When he slams the ground, he will create a ring of fire which expands to a very large radius (30m).

The rest of his fighting style is the same as Phase 1. His second weak spot is on his chest.

Phase 3Edit

Once the chest generator has been destroyed, Ruk will start using Inferno. Which when used, will erupt suspending pillars of heavy damaging flame.

The final generator is located on his back, and will always be revealed during and after using Fire Blast or Inferno.


HyenaWishUponAShootingStar Fireball Blast Grenade
Shoots a volatile, burning grenade which will explode in a blast on physical contact.
Strength:High (Damage)
Users:General Sargas Ruk
Hyena Ng

  • Launches a slow, burning projectile which will explode, causing high Blast b Blast damage to all targets caught within its radius and occasionally inflicting knockdown.
    • Damage scales with level.

Tips & Tricks
  • Projectiles shot from this ability are very slow with a steep arc, allowing for an easy escape if tracked.

RukBlast FireBlast Fire Blast (Ruk)
Slams the ground and sprays fire, creating an ever-expanding dome of fire.
Strength:Moderate (Damage)
Range:30 Meters
Users:Sargas Ruk
Arson/Caustic Eximus

  • General Sargas Ruk slams the ground to create a ring of fire which expands rapidly up to 30 meters wide and 10 meters tall, causing high fire damage and knocks down those caught in it.
    • Damage scales with level.

Tips & Tricks
  • Causes Sargas Ruk's pyrosuit to overheat opening up his weak point.
  • Cannot knockdown Tenno who are in the middle of a casting animation.

RukPyro WorldOnFire Inferno
Slams the ground and erupts pillars of fire upon the target.
Strength:Heavy (Continuous)
Duration:5 Seconds
Users:Sargas Ruk

  • Sargas Ruk slams the ground, creating 5 fiery pillars lasting for 5 seconds; each pillar deals heavy Heat b Heat damage per tick.
    • Damage scales with level.
    • Pillars stack with each other causing the damage to stack based on the number of pillars.
  • This ability is used in General Sargas Ruk's 3rd phase.

Tips & Tricks
  • Flame Repellent can mitigate some of the Heat b Heat damage.
  • Ruk will not move while channeling this ability, exposing his weak points to concentrated fire.