Post-Update 11Edit

  • Lobby screen
  • Opening cinematic, also showing his shoulder generator
  • Ruk in battle
  • Arm generator destroyed
  • Hellstorm cast. (This photo was taken by a professional Rhino. Please do not attempt to walk into a Hellstorm as any other frame.)
  • Volcanic Pillars
  • Ruk's inevitable defeat
  • Ruk model mesh
  • General Sargas Ruks profile photoGo to
  • General Sargas Ruk Codex
  • Ruk's Diorama in the Lobby, sans UI
  • Ruk as he addresses the Tenno
  • Another picture of Sargas Ruk.

Pre-Update 11Edit

  • Lobby screen as of U9. Interestingly, Ruk never actually held an Ignis at any point, and used the Gorgon Pre-Overhaul.
  • Sargas Ruk during the cinematic
  • General Sargas Ruk
  • General Sargas Ruk prior to U6
  • Sargas Ruk and his Barrier Shield
  • Sargas Ruk closeup
  • Sargas Ruk in the Grineer Asteroid Base
  • (insert silly caption here)


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