Shik Tal's CodexEdit

Vay Hek,

Releasing the Grustrag Three? Tell me this rumor is a lie. Tell me you have not forgotten what those defects cost me. Traitors must be eradicated but you think they can be rehabilitated? Arrogance. If it was up to me, Grustrag and everything in it would be ash. No Doctor can cure disloyalty.

The responsibility for this mistake is yours alone. Trust me, you will bleed regret.


During The Gradivus DilemmaEdit

When Supporting the GrineerEdit

  • Rraahudd Tenno! Now we fight together! Now we crush the greedy milk from their skulls. The Corpus will pay for their crimes with their useless lives.
  • You shoot well. You cut well. You serve me well, Tenno.
  • Tenno, of course you side with us. Of course the Grineer are your best option. We share your joy in Corpus death.

When Supporting the CorpusEdit

  • Rraaahudd Tenno! So willing to sacrifice your own. So willing to help these greedy worms. So willing to die for worthless cause.
  • Aattenthoun Tenno: It's not too late to change sides! Not too late to reject the Corpus lies! Not too late to save your kind!
  • Tenno, Alad will betray you. Alad will defile your kind. Alad will bleed from his selfish eyes as I crush him with your metal corpse.


Awarding the Gradivus: Loyalty EmblemEdit

Our Victory at Gradivus

He runs like a coward. He watches his profits crumble. Grineer feast atop the broken heaps of his defeated children. There was never any other fate. There was only ever one outcome. He knows what comes next.
You made the right choice. You became Grineer. You have earned your rewards.
And I, I will remember how you have served me.
—Sargas Ruk

Awarding the Machete WraithEdit

A Token

You did not have to fight like you did. You chose to support us. You chose to serve us. Take this weapon, it will make you strong like us.
—Sargas Ruk

Awarding the BrakkEdit

Above and Beyond

The way you fight, we cannot frown this in a test tube. You are a true warrior. I need more warriors like you. Continue to fight for me, there is more where this came from.
—Sargas Ruk

During an Assassination MissionEdit


While Finding HimEdit

  • Forget the Lotus, Grineer are your masters. Submit for mercy.
  • What flesh is within that Warframe? I will crush it. I will fill my lungs with your death!
  • Too easy, I expected more! I deserve a challenge!

When Battling HimEdit

  • You think you are guardians? Grineer rule supreme! Grineer protect all!
  • You Tenno, you fight for treasure. You are just another Corpus machine to me!
  • Are you just mercenaries? Fighting for scraps? Where is this so-called Tenno honor?

During BattleEdit


  • Regret will be your legacy!


  • We are just getting started!
  • This is not over!
  • You fight well, your death will be glorious!

Battle CriesEdit

  • "Guh'ruk un klos!" - "Enough of this!"
  • "Hu ahm General Sargas Ruk!" - "I am General Sargas Ruk!"
  • "Bri'ute un gar siuhut!" - "(???)... of you...(???)!"
  • "Dao'un tke fuolg!" - ???
  • "Kun aht'jhu, Tenno!" - "... , Tenno!"
  • "Gar ihrhu'nuh klos!" - "You...(???)...this!"
  • "Ehn jhoi, tu-gan'thu ku kon!" -???
  • "Os K'lust as!" - "Is that all?"

Upon DefeatEdit

During Defection missionEdit

When successfully rescue the first 1 or 2 group of survivors Edit

"Kavor, you're the worst of a bad batch. Inflicted with that mutation, the pacifism defect. You should have been incinerated like the garbage you are."

"Kavor. Betrayed your post. Betrayed you comrades. Betrayed me. Your punishment, endless suffering

"Look what I found, the Kavor, the high and mighty, dead fools walking."

"Poor Kavor, the Tenno led me right to you."

"Boo! Found you."

When successfully rescues a group of survivors Edit

"I will never stop hunting you."

"I will remember what you did here today Tenno."

"Not even the Tenno will keep you safe."

"Your betrayal breathes fire into my soul. I will find you, Kavor."

When a Grineer Manic spawns Edit

"I have you now, traitors."

"Time for your judgement."

"Even the Tenno cannot save you"

Pre-Update 11Edit

  • "Flesh is the flaw!"
  • "Grineer immortality begins with the shedding of flesh."
  • "Grineer dominance will prevail!"
  • "You are in presence of Grineer perfection!"
  • "[WARFRAMENAME]? Your pretentious suits are no match for my power!"

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