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Ghost allows the Shade sentinel to cloak itself and the user when hostile entities are within range, rendering themselves invisible to enemies.


Rank Range Cost Conclave
0 5.8 2 C1
1 6.7 3 C1
2 7.5 4 C1
3 8.3 5 C1
4 9.2 6 C1
5 10.0 7 C1


  • Has a 10-second cooldown after leaving any kind of stealth state, including Shadow Step, Smoke Screen, Invisibility, Prowl and Arcane Trickery.
  • Gives the Sentinel 25 affinity for activating the ability.
  • Enemies will not be alerted if bumped into while cloaked.
  • Cloak will dissipate if you deal any damage with weapons and Mod effects (Such as Heavy Impact), with exception of offensive Warframe abilities.
  • Any enemy units will activate cloak, even Corpus Turrets.
  • Using the Codex Scanner will deactivate the cloak.
  • Cloak will be removed when enemies are no longer near.
  • Performing a bullet jump that damages an enemy will not deactivate the cloak.


  • This can be very useful for stealth based gameplay.
  • Combining Ghost with a slow and heavy hitting melee weapons can give you the edge, cloaking you as you get close giving you time to prepare your attack. (NOTE: See bugs)
  • Due to the cloak keeping your ability to recharge your shields, it is especially useful if you're about to die, cloaking yourself in the middle of a fight and not attacking will recharge your shields and keep you alive longer in high-threat situations.
  • Apart from supporting stealthy gameplay, Ghost can confuse a group of enemies if you cloak, and can save you from dying if used correctly.
  • Shade tends to cloak as Nyx is using her ultimate, so it is recommended to choose another sentinel if you plan to use Absorb


  • The Shade can emit the Ghost effect endlessly without granting actual cloaking effects, by activating and deactivating this ability too quickly while firing weapons.
  • The Ghost ability will occasionally turn on without any enemies nearby to trigger it.
  • 03/28/2014 - Ghost uncloaks when melee button is pressed, rather than when attack connects. This was discovered while using Scindo and not tested with other melee weapons. Proven on 06/06/15, ghost uncloak even if the melee does not connect, this was tested using Karyst and Skana. Jumping from high ground also uncloaks.


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