Gift from the Lotus (also known as Gift of the Lotus) is an alert that lasts for 12 or 24 hours. The reward given is usually a high value item, or an item that relates to changes being made to the game. The most common instance of this is after the fortnightly Devstreams held by Digital Extremes which rewards either an Orokin Catalyst Blueprint or Orokin Reactor Blueprint, and rarely Riven Mods, Forma Blueprint or an Exilus Adapter Blueprint. Other instances that reward less predictable items include an 'apology' to players for certain bugs and the Back to School event.


The Gift from the Lotus can take the form of any mission type excluding assassination and usually has enemies ranging from lvl 10-15.


  • A special Gift of the Lotus alert rewarding 10 Rare rank 5 Fusion Cores went up on July 14, 2015 in commemoration of NASA's New Horizons probe's historic flyby of Pluto.[1]


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