Elder Queen QuotesEdit

During The War Within

Worm Queen Quotes

During The War WithinEdit

During Kuva SiphonsEdit

Kuva Siphon nearbyEdit

"Guardians, distract the child!"

"Look at this; a dreamer sleep stumbling unto my Kuva siphon?"

"Listen. The machines are coming to life. There's Kuva in the air."

"Listen to the chamber simmer. The longer that dreamer thrashes about the more Kuva essence we collect."

"Relax child, you won't feel a thing. Promise."

Kuva collection successEdit

"Double, double, toil and trouble, the puppets dance while the chamber bubbles!"

"What lovely energy. Every particle counts when we're making Kuva."

"Boom, boom, BOOM! Look at those fireworks. But it's all for show, my Kuva Siphon is Warframe-proof."

"More! I want more!"

After Braids destroyedEdit

"My Kuva! Do not let them do that again."

"I said STOP THEM!"

"Don't let them do that!"

"My little rumple-dimples, why must you let them hurt my siphon? Do you want me to get mean?"

"Another failure! If you don't want to serve your Queen, you can always be served to her, on a platter."

"No! Listen, if you let the Kuva Siphon get damaged again, I'll grind the lot of you into miniature-dumplings."

"What was I thinking?!? I never should have put my food in charge of something this important."

"I give you maggots the honor of eating from my scrap-trough and this is how you replay me?" "What are you overfed-swine doing? Protect the Siphon!"

"Disgusting flesh-thing. Thoroughly unappetizing."

"Queen's Immortal Guard... pfft... you're just a waste of food."

"You're not guards. You're compost heaps with legs."

"Wait, what is it doing?"

"Ick! I don't like it when the meatbag squirms out of its shell like that. Put it back."



After Kuva Siphon destroyedEdit

"You useless balls of festering flesh. You let them destroy my Kuva Siphon."

"Another failure! If you don't want to serve your Queen, you can always be served to her, on a platter."

"My siphon! My Kuva! You're messing up all my plans. I don't like it, not one bit!"

"My siphon! I can't believe how useless you all are! Report for execution at once!"

During Kuva Fortress TransmissionsEdit

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